Iranian agents plan to kidnap a journalist in Brooklyn

The FBI says it has defeated Iranian intelligence to kidnap a journalist from Brooklyn who launched a global campaign against cover-ups. According to the investigation, the same spy ring pursued three Iranian dissidents after Canada last year.

Vincent Laroch

Vincent Laroch

The targeted reporter in Brooklyn was Masih Alinojat, who left his native Iran in 2009 because his articles angered the Islamic regime and threatened his security. MMe Alinejad was not identified by name in court documents, but he confirmed it Press Be the victim in this case.

In an indictment filed in a court in New York, Iranian intelligence agent Alireza Shawaroki Farahani, 50, describes how he planned the kidnapping with three azolites in Iran and an accomplice responsible for financing California.

The conspirators hired a private investigative agency in New York City to constantly monitor their target. They asked for videos, photos of her and her relatives, pictures of where he lived and the license plates of the vehicles going there.

They said they worked for a company in the Middle East.Me Alinojat had to pay. They said the maneuver was only to find her and charge her with a bill.

The FBI says it has accessed team members’ messages and search history online. They would have been looking for a path between the M residenceMe Alinezat and waterfront. They are said to be a country with good relations with their government for rapid ferry services and a sea route to Venezuela.

Photo provided by the FBI

Alireza Shawaroki Farahani

The project was eventually thwarted. A series of criminal charges were filed against Farahani and his three associates in Iran on Tuesday, but they are unlikely to be arrested because they have not reached US authorities. An accomplice of the group was arrested in California, but his role is described as secondary.

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According to the investigation, Iranian agents had previously accused Mr.Me To travel outside the United States to facilitate the abduction of Alinojat, but they also failed there.

Also active in Canada

The FBI report filed in court also states how the same Iranian spy ring has targeted three dissidents critical of the Tehran regime on Canadian soil since June 2020. The maneuver was still the same: ‘There was a Dubai company that was robbed of a loan or some individuals on Canadian soil.

Iranian agents were asking detectives to monitor, photograph and film their targets, residence and workplace. Private investigators are also said to have inspected their jobs, properties in Canada and their families. The information was sent to the Iranian regime.

Victims in Canada were not identified at this time in court documents.

“Everyone in the United States must be free from any harassment, threat, or physical assault by a foreign power,” said Mark J. Snyder, head of the U.S. Department of Justice. Lesco insisted.

Hair in the winds

Masih Alinojat started the “My Stealthy Freedom” movement in 2014. The campaign spread like wildfire, angering many Iranian women.

In 2017, he launched a new campaign called #whitewed Wednesday in support of those who oppose forced cover.

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