He died after the maps indicated: The bridge collapsed 9 years ago. Now the family is suing Google

He died after the maps indicated: The bridge collapsed 9 years ago.  Now the family is suing Google

He was traveling in his truck and was following Google Maps Directionsbut it was not on the route suggested to him There is no bridge. It was the infrastructure It collapsed 9 years agobut the application has not been updated enough: the man ended up in a small stream and it is Sinking In the pickup truck. This story is from September 30, 2022 and occurred walnut, in North Carolina. A year later, as The Sun newspaper reported. guardianAs did the victim’s family members Sue Google to Negligence.

Philip Paxson, 47, was a native of Hickory. That day he was returning from a friend’s house, where he celebrated his nine-year-old daughter’s birthday. His wife had left first with the two young girls, while he stayed to help clean up. According to the prosecution’s account, the man did not know the neighborhood, so he used Google Maps to guide him to his home. “He led with to caution In the dark and under rain“, declared the family’s lawyers. There should have been a bridge over the road, but the app “Not updated”. According to what the mother-in-law mentioned above Facebookhe was not there Not even barriers or warning signs For motorists, neither before the bridge nor on the road down to the river. According to the newspaper Charlotte ObserverBarriers blocking access to the road were initially placed at the entrance to the bridge, but are no longer in place due to repeated acts of violation Sabotage.

According to the family’s attorney, Hickory residents would have done just that I contacted Google several times Which indicates the collapse of what was called among the locals “Bridge to nowhere”. Man up Send multiple emails To the IT giant for failing in 2020 to properly use the “Suggest an Edit” function. However, it was not going to come from Google no answer. So the Paxson family’s lawyers filed a lawsuit against the tech giant for negligence. He also participated in the accusation Three private property management companiesResponsible for the land where the accident occurred and the surrounding lands: The three local companies were supposed to maintain the bridge. The civil court is hearing the case Wake County.

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“Our little girls ask us how and why their father died, and I cannot find the words that can understand why. As an adult, I still cannot understand how those responsible for the GPS indicators and the bridge could act this way.” “Little interest in human life.”His wife said Alicia Paxson In the current situation. Meanwhile, a Google spokesperson sent the family “more than anything else “Deep condolences” For the company, it can also be read guardian. “Our goal is to provide accurate route information in maps and we are investigating this cause.”

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