“From the United States to Morocco. You just have to have the right spirit.”

“From the United States to Morocco. You just have to have the right spirit.”

Donata, the first time you handed over your home to a stranger, you were not afraid of damage or theft?

“I was introduced to HomeExchange by friends who have been using it for years and they reassured me. Overall, I love hosting in my home and the idea immediately seemed very beautiful and shareable in spirit. However, at first, I had the idea and was a bit afraid. I didn’t know Really how to set up the home to get the most out of the experience for my guests. The first exchanges were enough to reassure me and make me understand how the HomeExchange ethos ensures that people are always extremely kind, respectful and attentive. I have been pleasantly surprised by the care with which guests treat my home, and how I tend to do more myself It’s necessary to make sure that my hosts find everything in perfect condition. In the end, it’s enough for me to think “I treat other people’s homes as I would like them to treat my own.” And with this in mind, everything always runs smoothly!

What destinations have you chosen for your vacation this year?

“In the last 12 months or so, since I decided to try HomeExchange, I have traveled a lot: USA (tours with five different exchanges), Madrid, Amsterdam, Naples, Bordeaux, Venice, Rome, Morocco (tours with five different exchanges), London… In general, I like to personally choose my travel destinations, but it happened that I was offered an exchange (for example in Rome) and I was tempted by a new destination. I really like the idea of ​​being able to leave to new places in the wave of suggestion.”

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How many exchanges (mutual or otherwise) were carried out this year?

“In 13 months I did about 35 exchanges, about half of which I hosted people and the other half as guests.”

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