“Pegasus” used by the Civil Guard, in case of a tsunami

“Pegasus” used by the Civil Guard, in case of a tsunami

Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck (Germany, 1973) Film director succeeds with a disturbing film titled The lives of others. The film takes place in the German Democratic Republic in 1984, at the end of the communist regime. Captain of the Stasi, the powerful secret police, has to spy on a couple, and eventually ends up developing an addiction to knowing everything surrounding his life. The plot of the film could be what officers did 3rd Special Central Unit (UCE 3) Directorate of the Information Service of the Civil Guard, who carried out an extensive investigation, through communications and spyware, with dozens and dozens of people who share a common feature: They were independent. The channel for this massive espionage was the judicial investigation into the Democratic Tsunami case.

In fact, the brief reflects how agents built parallel stories between activists, businessmen, journalists, politicians or simply citizens who once interacted with those under investigation. Everything, under the pretext of sedition, is still valid as a crime in the Spanish Penal Code, and terrorism. Technology has been a great ally of analysts who manage Commander L-04282-W Within the framework of Procedure No. 85/19 before the Central Investigation Court No. 6 of the National Court. In fact, UCE 3 is the third special unit of information service and is intended for “Threats destabilizing the state”, such as “anti-regime, racist or xenophobic” groups, and “activities contrary to current regulations.” UCE-1What He attended ETA surveillance and continues to work in the field of domestic terrorism. UCE-2 It is the region that deals with the jihadist threat.

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UCE 3 operates under the seal of “state secrets” and in the case of the Democratic Tsunami its agents were not limited to wiretapping phones and geolocating calls. In fact, they used a program called a “Trojans”, Which is defined as “A program that allows testing to be conducted remotely and electronically [de les comunicacions] remotely or without the knowledge of the holder or user.”. In other words, an entire type of Pegasus aircraft – given the technical parameters specified in the deals included in the procedures – which was acquired on February 23, 2018 by the Sub-General Directorate of Information and Communications Systems for the Ministry's Security. Interior. License renewed and extended in June 2021.

Part of an interview for the Democratic Tsunami summary that authorizes the remote intervention system for mobile phones such as Pegasus/Quico Sallés

All of this was permitted by the judge

As can be seen from numerous interlocutors, such as the one signed by the enhancement judge Fernando Abascal on April 8, 2020 with the approval of the prosecutor in the case, Rosanna Ledo, this “programme” The information will be sent through encrypted data switching to maintain confidentiality. All data collected from the mobile stations were stored in Civil Guard telecommunications interception system Under the heading “Information necessary for investigation.” Most interventions are approved as A “Urgent action” To give agility to interventions.

Specifically, they seized dozens of stations that intervened, “Contact book, video call logs, each terminal's email account, access to contacts, browsing history, contacts in social networks, messaging and chat applications, as well as your history -WhatsApp s Signalthe file tree and files stored in the file system of the mobile station in any format that is offered. In addition, judicial authorization allowedActivate the microphone installed on the deviceFor the purpose of capturing and recording verbal communications.” In other words, everything that can be found on a mobile station, without discrimination. However, if there is discrimination, it will be done afterwards, as soon as the operating agents have all the information collected, which they then choose They interpret it to send it to the investigating judge with their reports and conclusions.

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List of technical instructions of the Ministry of the Interior indicating the crimes in which the CNP and the Civil Guard can be used
List of technical instructions of the Ministry of the Interior indicating the crimes in which the CNP and the Civil Guard can use “Pegasus”, among which are crimes accused of being committed by pro-independence parties/Quico Sallés

Which “Pegasus” is this?

The spyware used by the Civil Guard was acquired in a tender on February 23, 2018. In this contract, the 42-page document, which El Món had access to, allowed for:Electronically and without any interference from the target being investigated, monitor and download the content of electronic devices or computer systems remotely, confidentially and securely in order to comply with court ordersAfter all, it consisted of “remote records of computers.” The acquisition was paid for through Section 588 of the state budget.

The pretext for purchasing this program was the fight against criminal organizations, terrorism and crimes against minors or persons with judicially modified abilities, And crimes against the Constitution, treason and relating to national defence: that is, those applied against pro-independence persons convicted of sedition and accused of rebellion and terrorism.. Computer crimes are also added. In any case, internal technicians considered that the system acquired in 2018 was short-lived and complained that the need to activate it was “a necessary prior procedure for the target being intervened on.” This meant they had to get the spy to open an SMS or email. Thus, the revamp of the system using UCE 3 aims to make the system work like Pegasus to be able to access data through mobile phone vulnerabilities so that it can be accessed without any action on the part of the person being spied on. In fact, the term sheet was a copy and paste of Pegasus's technical bulletin, detailing the different messaging services they could access and how to do so.

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Acquisition of the first Pegasus By Interior Ministry was from October 9, 2018 a Daris Telecom, With a value of 6,229,080 euros. The renovation, with planned improvements, was negotiated without publicity, awarded and formalized for five million euros, also to DARS TELECOM, for 6,050,000 euros including taxes, on 28 September 2021. By the Ministry of the Interior, the Secretary of State signed Contract Rafael Perez, the second-in-command and absolute right-hand man of Minister Fernando Grande Marlaska. One Spying programs Which was exploited by the Civil Guard to investigate dozens of independence activists on the pretext that they may have committed alleged terrorist or seditious acts. This system is also used by the National Police Force.

Technical prescription sheet for the Pegasus grant contract by the CNP and the Guardia Civil/QS
Technical prescription sheet for the Pegasus grant contract by the CNP and the Guardia Civil/QS

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