Health workers are not vaccinated: “Change jobs,” says one doctor

Caregivers who refuse to be vaccinated against COVID-19 must completely change their profession, following the obligation of health workers in France to be vaccinated by a French doctor.

“It is not acceptable that caregivers contaminate patients. We have to change jobs, for which we were not created, what! […] If you don’t want to protect patients, you’ve got the wrong job. Do something else. ”r Matthew Molimart was interviewed by QUB Radio on Tuesday.

The Dr Molimart commented on the government’s decision to vaccinate all health workers, including nurses, assistants, doctors and paramedics.

According to him, the operation was “well received” at Bordeaux Hospital, where about 80% of staff are vaccinated.

Things get harder outside of hospitals. “In the structures of retirement homes or nursing homes, where there is less medical availability and less explanation time, we are coming to disasters with 40% of staff, vaccinated caregivers,” the doctor worried.

In France, just 53% of people have received at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine, so the highly contagious delta variant is now reaching the land, which now represents 60% of cases in the country.

“We have an outbreak and we are already starting to see some more patients in the hospital,” the doctor noted, adding that the next wave is expected in September and could march to France in August.

In addition to vaccinating, the French government wants some unhygienic pass, which may be necessary for some non-essential activities.

The move shook the French, with more than 1.7 million people receiving prizes following the announcement.

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“People are waiting, waiting, procrastinating, all of a sudden they ‘are like,’ You can no longer go to the bar. ‘ […] We are spoiled children ”, was funny dr Molimart points out that there are more than 9 million volumes in French refrigerators.

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