Internet Home offers for October 2023

Internet Home offers for October 2023
By Silvio Spina | 06-10-2023 | Fastweb News, Fibra Optic News, Iliad News, Home Internet News, SKY News, TIM News, Tiscali News, Vodafone News, WindTre News

This month we also deal with the most interesting promotions in place for fixed Internet: let’s see what are the best initiatives launched by the main providers, the advantages for new customers and for those who already have a mobile SIM card with the same operators.


Let’s talk about it again Discounts and promotions on fixed internet rates: Even in October, in fact, There are many initiatives launched by operators It targets those who want to activate a contract on their home phone (activate a new line or migrate an existing number). Usually, so they are Promotions are aimed exclusively at new customers, although some additional benefits will be offered for some time to those who already have an active mobile service with the same operator. We remember that Fastweb, TIM, Vodafone and Tiscali Provide solutions online ADSL, FTTC and FTTH. However, WINDTRE and Sky offer their own solutions in FTTC and FTTH, while Iliad operates exclusively in the fibre-optic market.. So let’s find out what they are The best internet offers for October 2023.


Fastweb Casa (starting at €27.95 per month)

  • Fastweb Casa Light (€27.95 per month): Prepaid local calls (15 cents/minute, no connection fee), unlimited Internet up to 2.5 Gbps, FASTGate modem on loan for use;
  • Fastweb Home (€29.95 per month): Unlimited national calling, unlimited internet up to 2.5 Gbps, free-to-use loaner NeXXt modem (with Alexa integrated) and Quixa insurance of your choice (home or pet policy, user choice);
  • Fastweb Casa Plus (€36.95 per month): Unlimited national calling, unlimited internet up to 2.5Gbps, free-to-use loaner NeXXt modem (with Alexa built-in), up to 2 Wifi extenders (Booster), Quixa home and pet insurance, FastwebUP Plus and Plus Assistance.
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Also this month, Fastweb is offering home deals Without activation costs or permanence restrictions. You can take advantage of Free 30-day trial of the servicewith reimbursement of expenses incurred in the event of dissatisfaction. Free access to Fastweb Digital Academy training courses. We also remember that a few weeks ago it was possible to obtain An additional discount of 5 euros per month on the monthly home tariff if you also combine a mobile SIM card from the operator with the plan.

Vodafone Internet Unlimited offers (starting from €24.90 per month)

  • Vodafone Internet Unlimited (starting at €24.90 per month): Unlimited phone calls, unlimited internet up to 2.5 Gbps, Wifi modem on loan free to use, 1GB data SIM per month;
  • Vodafone Unlimited Internet V-MAX (€32.90/month): Unlimited calls, unlimited internet up to 2.5 Gbps, loaner WiFi modem, certified WiFi, 1GB data SIM per month, secure family network service (with antivirus and parental controls).

Vodafone Italia recently reconfigured the initial activation fee for its landline offers: now the expected amount is One-time €39.90 for all planswhile The minimum contractual term is always 24 months. However, those who are already mobile customers of the operator will receive additional benefits by activating the fixed network:

  • a Additional discount on the unlimited internet offer fee (€22.90 per month);
  • Free initial activation cost (But it must always be respected for a period of at least 24 months);
  • Unlimited GB on sim card (And on 5 other cards that can be linked to the landline), thanks Enhanced Infinito Insieme.

TIM Wifi Power Smart (€30.90 per month)

  • Unlimited local calls (only with online activation);
  • Unlimited Internet up to 2.5 Gbps;
  • TIM HUB+ modem at 0 euros;
  • TIM Safe Navigation service for IT security.
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The TIM Wifi Power Smart plan is the only comprehensive package available from Telecom Italia On ADSL, mixed copper fiber or optical fiberDepending on the available coverage. the The activation cost is €39.90 one-timeCome Re-Set. Furthermore, mobile customers will already be able to benefit from the following additional benefits by activating the Home plan:

  • Discounted fee of €24.90 per month (If your mobile offer costs at least €9.99 per month);
  • Free Wi-Fi calls.

We also point you out Two more plans for TIM fixed network,Available only in fiber optics,A Rent reduction for 24 months Thanks to the “Cancel ADSL service and old modem” and no activation bonus:

  • TIM Wifi Power TOP (€29.90/month, instead of €34.90/month)With 2.5 Gbps fiber optic;
  • TIM Wifi Power All Inclusive (€34.90/month, instead of €39.90/month)with 10 Gbps fiber (offer only available in areas covered by FTTH-XGS-PON).

Unlike the TIM Wifi Power Smart offer, these two plans It will also include superior support services and certified WiFi throughout the home.

Iliad Iliadbox (€24.99 per month)

  • Unlimited calls to national numbers;
  • Unlimited phone calls to over 60 foreign destinations;
  • Unlimited Internet on FTTH fiber at speeds of up to 1 Gbps or 5 Gbps overall;
  • Iliadbox modem is on loan and free to use.

There are no changes to the Iliad Fiber presentation which continues Same monthly cost and a one-time installation fee of €39.90. the Mobile clients A French operator that also subscribes to a fixed network service can receive an additional discount on the fiber offer, which will therefore decrease €19.99 per month. But to take advantage of this feature, It is necessary that the subscribed mobile phone tariff is at least €9.99 per month and that auto-renewal is active (on credit card or current account).

WINDTRE Super Fiber (€26.99 per month)

  • Unlimited local calls;
  • Unlimited Internet up to 1 Gbps;
  • 12 months of Amazon Prime;
  • Modem at 0 euros;
  • Free Unlimited GB on WINDTRE Family SIMs (can be activated on a maximum of 3 SIMs).

Among the Internet offers for the month of October we also find WINDTRE and its superior fiber, Bigger discount if you are already a mobile customer of the operator (at € 22.99 per month). the The activation cost is 39.99 euros (or €49.99 for FTTH installations in white areas). The minimum expected contractual term is 48 months To get the bulk sale modem for 0 euros. The service is free for fixed and mobile customers Wi-Fi calls.

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Tiscali Ultrainternet Fibra (€26.90 per month)

  • Pay-as-you-go calls (5 cents/minute + 25 cents connection fee) or unlimited by adding €2/month;
  • Unlimited Internet up to 2.5 Gbps;
  • Free modem on loan for use.

Having put aside the promotion with a free SIM card, the Tiscali minimum initiative is back, which includes Discount on monthly fees, free modem and one-time activation of €29.90. A copy is also available ADSL 20M For those who are not yet accessed via FTTC or FTTH (called “ADSL Full”), at the expense of €28.90 per month.

Sky Wifi (starting at €24.90 per month)

  • National prepaid calls (19 cents per call for landlines and 19 cents per minute + 19 cents connection fee for cell phones);
  • Unlimited Internet up to 1 Gbps;
  • The modem is on loan and free to use.

At the conclusion of this special offer dedicated to home internet offers, we remind you that Sky Wifi is also discounted compared to the list price: €24.90, instead of €29.90, for the entire first year. Activation reduced to 29 euros one time, instead of the usual 49 euros. Interested parties can order an Internet + TV package at a greatly reduced monthly cost of €34.80 for the first 18 renewals (then €68.90). Haven’t you chosen the offer that best suits your needs and want help from an expert? Write an email to [email protected] or Open a chat On the site for a free, non-binding consultation immediately.

The best home internet offers that can be activated today

The reader is invited to ensure that any offers mentioned in the publication can still be activated and are offered on the same economic conditionsBest ADSL and FIBER offers Compare online offers

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