The Ukrainian band is on tour in the USA and Canada (and on December 12 in Italy)

The Ukrainian band is on tour in the USA and Canada (and on December 12 in Italy)

there Kalush Orchestrathe Ukrainian band that won an awardEurovision 2022 Hold in Turin with “Stefania”The protagonist will be A Tour in the USA and Canada.

Not only that, once their experience abroad was over, they… Kalush Orchestra It will stop after that too Italyparticulary December 12 to Legend Club Milano.

In 2022, their previous tour began on October 20 from Seattle, and this year it will begin on November 1 from Vancouver and includes 20 dates:

  • Vancouver – November 1
  • Seattle – November 2
  • San Francisco – November 3
  • Los Angeles – November 4
  • San Diego – November 5
  • Dallas – November 8
  • Houston – November 9
  • Boston – November 10
  • Philadelphia – November 11
  • Washington, DC – November 12
  • Miami – November 15
  • Cleveland – November 16
  • Detroit – November 17
  • Chicago – November 18
  • New York – November 19
  • Edmonton – November 22
  • Calgary – November 23
  • Winnipeg – November 24
  • Montreal – November 25
  • Toronto – November 26

Once the tour that will keep them busy for the entire month of November is over, the Kalush Orchestra will return Europe Thus he will have the opportunity to perform in Legend Club Milano. Tickets for the show are on sale at One ticket.

Kalush Orchestra after Eurovision 2022

After winning Eurovision 2022 and following the tour in Canada and the United States, several singles were released, many of which deal with… War theme And the distress that the Ukrainian people are experiencing. In this wake they return “the changes” The last one is “In Hell.”

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There was also a lot International cooperationas is the case with Rasmusthe famous Finnish band that is also competing in Eurovision 2022, and with whom they released the song “In The Shadows of Ukraine”, a revisiting of the song with the Scandinavian group that climbed the charts in Europe and beyond, in the early 2000s.

It is also worth noting “Nazi Domi”Which was born from a collaboration with Polish rapper Shabako. The song was created to emphasize the closeness between the Polish people and the Ukrainian people who have similar common experiences, one of which is war.

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