Incredible Twitter post from Dazn on Atalanta Roma

Atalanta Roma Dazen – an absolute novelty, at least in the last weeks of the tournament in which the refereeing issues were certainly not absent. dozen With social media managers, on the occasion of Atalanta Rome Chose to start a new business in Twitter: Discussion with a lot of voting in poll mode by followers. today’s subject? The Nerazzurri goal was canceled 2-2 in the 68th minute because of offside Palomino, which sparked controversy after the match by coach Gasperini.

The post that leaves Giallorossi fans in a state of excitement

At 21.22, with Giallorossi fans already under the table to celebrate the 4-1 win at Gewiss Stadium, dzen italy He asked this question:Target not allowed #AtalantaRoma Was it good or not?“.There is no escaping the dozens of astonishing comments from many Roman Creed users who were surprised and outraged by the extraordinary poll launched by the broadcasting platform.”But do you really do? I don’t think I saw the poll about Ibrahimovic’s penalty in Roma or the lack of an advantage at Juventus.“.”But these discussions are after Lazio-Roma, Juventus-Roma, Roma-Milan, Roma-Turin, and Venice-Rome because you didn’t ask for them.“,”But what is scanning? Zapata’s handball plus offside the guy Crisanti was watching and you’re asking that question?“,”You can’t open a discussion about a rule… and you probably should have referred to this to GasperiniThese are some of the messages posted under the post where there are also those who put it to mockery and respond to Dozen. cBetter slow servers dDozen or Dozen are suspended? debate!”.

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