“Now I’m fine but I saw death in my face. Believe in science, get vaccinated”

“In a month from acute bilateral pneumonia to free lungs”: Lorenzo DamianoThe former leader of the Nuremberg II group, who presented himself in Congliano’s administrative elections and made the fight against the Green Passage and the issue of health one of his campaign themes, is now better and reiterates the need to “believe in science”.

That Lorenzo Damiano no longer exists – announced – Perhaps I had to pass through a narrow door to understand that science should be helped“.

The former leader of “Nuremberg 2” reported that after a period of convalescence, some tests he underwent confirmed the fact that “his lungs are now free” and that he “feels good”, because his “strength is back”.

But Damiano stated that “It is not necessary to go this far to understand the need for a vaccine‘, but he also called for ‘Greater clarity rather than confusion“On TV Show Debates Because”This negatively affects those who do not believe in vaccines“.

“I also lost my life because of the confusion that was there—and he continued—now I will tell what happened to me, for I bear the moral weight of those who continue on the road after hearing what I have been saying. I speak out of a sense of responsibility: I was lucky enough to be able to find out what happened to me. You can’t ignore science and the need for vaccination“.

The news of Damiano’s illness was leaked last November, when the former mayoral candidate was admitted to the Intensive Care Subunit of the Covid Hospital in Vittorio Veneto (here is the article).

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The resignation came then in early December and at that moment Damiano announced a change of his mind about vaccinations: previously the leader of “Nuremberg 2” had not even undergone the first dose, while after illness he immediately called everyone to receive the vaccine (Here is the article).

Lorenzo Damiano said: “I have been transformed, I have gone through a pain I would not wish upon anyone – I will have to wait 5-6 months before getting vaccinated and wait for the Ulss2 call, because I had a monoclonal treatment“.

“You can’t joke: before there was a different Lorenzo Damiano and now there is Lorenzo Damiano who risked his life – he added – I saw death with my own eyes and understood for myself that we need to get vaccinated.”

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