Destruction AllStars will get a major patch with many changes in January 2022 –

Destroy all stars He was shining in a rather difficult shooting in PS5Although it was announced as one of the major titles upon its release, its evolution path continues and you will find it in one January 2022 correction step forward.

Destruction AllStars was announced among the first titles for PS5, and it was a huge star Strategic review Prior to the launch, the transition from a full-priced premium game to a entry-level game directly on PS Plus, to be then moved to the budget price of 20 euros, but despite this, it does not seem to have found the right appeal to the audience.

Destroy AllStars, a scene from the game

Also to compensate for the lack of players in the world, the developers have added multiplayer bots, but changes and additions will also continue in the coming months: after seeing Blitz as a new mode in the game, other additions will arrive next month through a core update.

Lucid Games has clarified some of the additions that will be included in Desctruction AllStars during January 2022: There are no in-game holiday events, but in the big patch there will be room for developments applicable to Menu and interface user, which makes it easier and more convenient to use. Similarly, the HUD will also be changed and the visual effects will be changed and added to the game, while other improvements will be applied to the so-called system “debris” Which awards XP points based on the player’s performance, in fact with a lot of balance changes.

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