Premier League C: Foggia, victory in Avellino. Juventus U23 and Pescara also pass

Premier League C: Foggia, victory in Avellino.  Juventus U23 and Pescara also pass

Zeman team finished 2-1, Nicolaou decided. The Bianconeri will move to Vercelli. Abruzzesi, who takes risks with Gubbio. Entella, Monopoli and Triestina present

Second round of the indoor stage of the qualifying groups for Serie C: Enter Group E from Group A (Tristina) and Group 4 from Groups B and C (Entella and Avellino). That’s it, with the houseworker skipping over two of six challenges.

Next Zeman and Juventus

Big shot for Foggia, who wins the comeback in Avellino (2-1) in front of all-sold Bartino Lombardi: the hosts take the lead with Bove from a corner kick and come close to doubling with the post from Murano, the same comes after a break thanks to Merola who took advantage of Ferrante Bank ( Excluded from owners, off the bench after Di Grazia’s injury). To launch the group of 500 that arrived from Foggia we believe Nicolau, who penalizes the defensive foul from the same Bove on candidate Di Paolantonio and puts Forte. Great relief to Zdenek Zeman, who outdid pupil Gutierrez and made his fourth adventure on the bench of the Rossoneri very enjoyable. Juventus U23 also blows the bank in the Vercelli derby: Contrary to what happened in last season’s qualifiers, this time – thanks to the crossbar that Comey hit at the start, Israel forgave – the young Bianconeri celebrated thanks to the delicious left-winger Mattia Companion who deserves the measure of success (1-0). For Zawley, in addition to qualifying, the good news is Hans Nicolosi Cavillia’s return to the field after a long injury.

the others

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Another comeback, another 2-2 and another turbulent phase of the round for Pescara: Gubbio takes a two-goal lead over the Adriatic thanks to Formiconi (on a corner kick, missed entirely by scoring) and Spalto on the counterattack, Zauri shorts ahead before the second half with Pompei left to find a second-half equaliser. Pontiso’s right foot from the edge. The result is resistance, although Pescara closes ten to expel Dorsey. Triestina’s success is convincing, respecting expectations against the surprise Pro Patria (2-1): after hitting the crossbar by Lopez (deflected by goalkeeper Caprile), Guido Gomez’s double arrived first with a penalty and then a pass from the excellent Procaccio. For the Pro, it’s too late to lower the Pesenti target. A valence is enough to smile also at Antella, who debuted with a home draw (1-1) with Olbia: everything happens in the second half, Karic opens it with a blow from the edge of the area and finds Mancini even, and repeats it. He brings the Pura procession. Gennaro Volpi’s team (who did not see Karic’s 1-0 goal, scored after 12” of the second half, when he was still returning from the locker room), by virtue of Avellino’s disqualification, enters the national stage of the top seed. . Monopoly could write another page of his story: he hits Mercadante’s penalty, from 11 metres, to score 1-0 against Francavilla who ended his season poorly (for the Torino team, this is their eleventh match in a row without a win).

the drawing

Tomorrow at the Lega Pro headquarters in Florence, the matches of the first round of the national stage will take place, which will be played with five matches at home and away on Sunday 8 and Thursday 12 May. The third third of the seeded groups (Viralbesallo, Cesena and Palermo), rennets (take advantage of the place reserved for the Italian Cup finalists, both from Group A) and – as mentioned – Intila. In the next round (May 17 and 21) within the second three rounds, Padua, Regiana and Catanzaro.

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