Quiet Inzaghi Strength: The added value of Inter

Quiet Inzaghi Strength: The added value of Inter

The derby victory sums up the merits of the work of the Nerazzurri coach who can still chase two titles

One night of the party, The idea of ​​the Italian Cup final on May 11head of the day straight to Rome. The derby he won gives strength, certainly. The derby win should not distract from what lies aheadInter. If, how and how much if the 3-0 score against Milan will be the driving force in the championship race will be understood later, Inter will again start to think now. Saturday Morenian looming. Yes, Mourinho, the coach who reminds Nerazzurri fans of the trio’s epic. In Inzaghi, today like today, another trilogy may appear, evidently in a slight tone, But it’s still triple: Everything is possible, euphoria or collapse will inevitably go together in the next month, but the truth is that in his first Inter season Simone can fight, and only he can, for the triple mini-tournament, the Coppa Italia and the Super Cup (already found on advertisements board).

And then one wonders if Value Added From this internet is not really “Quiet Force” From a technician who collected a very heavy inheritance, he calmly and decisively passed the storms of summer and put together a serious, compact, organized and sharp team. The leader of a group is able to get out alive from the short but terrible Nerazzurri Winter and become the master of their destiny, always remaining true to their beliefs. Without distorting himself, but correcting mistakes. There is no drama in the most difficult moments, which coincided precisely with the first stage of the Coppa Italia when everything seemed to be in shambles, and there is no exaggeration now that the path appears to have been redrawn. Inzaghi’s choices paid off. He was always supportive and trusting LautaroLeaning on broad shoulders DzekoVery helpful korea, wait for Sanchez’s preparation. very much to attack. He found the perfect chemistry between them Brozovic, Barilla and Chalhanoglu Without depriving himself of the contribution of Vidal, who did not miss his experience in the main matches of the season. He has built a team dedicated to scoring (the best attack in Serie A) without losing solidity in defense, and he is the least punched in the league. Finally, he alternated the outward (on the right above everything) with Dumfries (Build as a player day by day) E Darmian, waiting for Gosens to grow as an alternative to the Perisic phenomenon on the left. In short, her mark is certain, clear and The derby he won last night is a small amount of his season. And now, with such quiet strength, Inter is still moving forward: everything is at stake, everything is possible.

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