Nuoro, youth football match ends 40-0: FIGC moves

Nuoro, youth football match ends 40-0: FIGC moves

Humiliating defeat

– The highlight of this story is “La Nova Sardinia”. The two matches were held in the provincial championships in the Nuoro FIGC Youth Commission. First, the La Caleta kids lost 22-0 against the Wolves. Then, once again, La Caletta takes the field away from home against Fanum Orosei with ten men, all rookies, and therefore smaller than their opponents, and comes out with a disappointing score of 40 goals to zero.

Sports and Education

An exciting result and opens strong doubts about the value of sports, especially when middle school kids go to the field. “One cannot accept such a thing – Luigi Secci, the former president of FIGC Nuoro, told Corriere della Sera -. Football schools are opened, youth tournaments are organized to teach young people respect. Not humiliate them.”

The question of the difference of purpose

– Everything is connected with the fact that, in the past two days, La Caleta faced the two largest teams in the standings, and they played first place “on his body”. Here is Fanum’s goal explained: they needed as many goals as possible to get the best of the overall goal difference and thus beat the opposing team.


– On the other hand, the distractions of managing this shocking game immediately caught the eye. Like the excuses previously made by Fanum for the opponent and the post posted on Facebook the day before the match, again by Fanum, to invite all fans to come and support the boys, who should have scored as much as possible in order to go over their heads. .

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Goleade and banter

– The effects of the humiliation were already felt with the two girls: the harassment in the village and at school was very heavy and some of them left the team. Once again the former FIGC Secci defines: “Whoever is stronger should not be ashamed, it is right that he wins. But this is the rule that must be changed.” The goal-team rule that puts the best in the position of having to score a deluge of goals in order to win first place.

Fig C: “Very seriously, first of all we are teachers.”

– The case ended up on Kadoni’s table, who is considering calling the Federal Prosecutor’s Office to open an investigation to ascertain the facts. In this case, club presidents and coaches will be called in to explain how it went. “It’s all very dangerous – he says -. At these levels, the sport must go beyond the score, you have to live in a playful way. Respect, fun and culture must come first. Score 40 goals. It is legitimate to want to win but there is a limit to everything, No matter the rules. Maybe it’s time to stop. We are teachers, first and foremost.”

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