Income is only 4% above 70 thousand euros. And 10 million do not pay personal income tax-

Income is only 4% above 70 thousand euros.  And 10 million do not pay personal income tax-

The income of the self-employed is more than twice the income of the self-employed. What emerges from the Department of Finance’s data regarding individual tax returns submitted in 2021 and a reference to the 2020 tax year, which concern about 41.2 million Italians. The highest average income of 2020, self-employment income, is €52,980 (the average income declared by entrepreneurs – sole proprietorships, and therefore excluding businesses – is only €19,900), while the average The income declared by the employees is 20,720 euros and the pensioners’ 18,650 euros. Finally, the average income from equity investments in partnerships and the like is €16,450.


But when analyzing taxpayers by total income categories in 2020, it turns out that only 4% of them declare more than 70,000 euros (which is 29% of total income tax). On the other hand, the majority, i.e. between 15,000 and 70,000, accounts for 70% of the taxpayers, who declare 67% of the total income tax. Approximately 27% declare about 4% of the total income tax, and this category amounts to 15 thousand euros.

730 increase but taxpayers decrease

Of the approximately 41.2 million Italian taxpayers who have fulfilled the reporting obligation, directly by submitting personal income tax return forms and 730, or indirectly by declaring withholding agents (Certificazione Unica – CU). The total number of taxpayers decreased by more than 345 thousand subjects (-0.8%) compared to the previous year. In detail, 22.6 million natural people used the Model 730, an increase of more than 566,000 taxpayers over the previous year; On the other hand, 9 million people submitted the Individual Income Form, while the data for the remaining 9.6 million taxpayers, who are not required to file a tax return directly, were obtained using the CU form filled out by the withholding agent.

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Irpef, more than 10 million exempted

In 2020, the volume of income from buildings subject to ordinary taxation amounted to 24.8 billion euros, a decrease of 5.3% compared to the previous year, also due to the increased use of alternative taxes (the so-called dry coupon). The total net income tax reported was 159.3 billion, (-3.5% over the previous year). After deducting the bonus effects of personal income tax, the net tax is on average €5,250 and is declared by approximately 30.3 million people, which is equivalent to 74% of the total taxpayers. There are about 10.4 million Italians who do not pay taxes. These are mainly taxpayers with income levels included in the exemption thresholds. When analyzing taxpayers by total income categories, it was noted that about 27% of taxpayers, who declare about 4% of total income tax, belong to a category up to 15,000 euros; Between 15,000 and 70,000 euros, about 70% of taxpayers are placed, declaring 67% of the total income tax, while only about 4% of taxpayers declare more than 70,000 euros, and they pay 29% of the total income tax.

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