Dacia spring clone that can be bought on the web for less than 6 thousand euros: what an incredible car

Dacia spring clone that can be bought on the web for less than 6 thousand euros: what an incredible car

Dacia, here’s the Chinese version that costs less than a small car. But what is the real news? Big, the car in question can be purchased from the big internet world. All the details about her.

Romania doesn’t have a great driving culture, but things have changed quite a bit in recent years thanks to the company’s contribution from Dacia. We are talking about the Romanian company that produces cars and is constantly marketed in Europe, Africa, as well as in some Asian countries.


We’re not going to talk about this company directly today, but rather about a car that you really remember a lot and has a peculiarity that is primarily marketed on the wide web. Before getting to know him better, of course, we will also focus on the very successful company (the original company, keep in mind).

Once upon a time there was a Dacia

A Romanian company that produces cars, in 1999 it was quickly bought by Renault and began to market new models. Always keep the Dacia brand, making the most of the potential of the French company. In 2008, alone, Dacia kept almost 30% of the entire car market in Romania.

But it is not just a simple car manufacturer, as it is currently the sponsor of Udinese and sponsors Friuli Stadium with its own brand. Important results for a company that has already started a long way. And then we discover the history of Dacia, which deserves all the attention of the world after reaching the top in the car market.

Dacia, it all started here: What you don’t know about the company

Dacia and RomaniaHistorical bonds, then corporate bonds. Yes, because it all started with the Roman authorities who wanted to make a chariot in series. They believed that the correct solution was to rely on a foreign manufacturer, who had to build a vehicle capable of production in at least 40 thousand units.

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The nation decided to cooperate with Renault, and so Uzina de Autoturisme Mioveni was born in Mioveni near Pitesti. Factory licensed to produce cars under license from Renault H With Dacia brand. Then, between 1991 and 1996, the Dacia Liberta was produced. In 1995 the first fully Romanian model, the Dacia Nova, was launched.

In 2000, Dacia SupeRNova was manufactured. Over the next five years, Renault bought the entire company for about $220 million. Later, Solenza, Logan, Sandero and Duster were manufactured. In 2021 it’s springtime and later on to the Jogger, for a story yet to be discovered.

Dacia or not Dacia? Here is the low-priced “copy” car

Dongfeng E1 (web source) October 4, 2022 quattromania.it
Dongfeng E1 (web source)

Now we will take a A ‘clone’ of Dacia. We are talking about the Dongfeng E1, the daughter of the Chinese electric vehicle company Dongfeng. This seems to be heavily inspired by the Spring SUV, one of the cheapest electric cars in the entire European market: it costs less than twenty thousand euros. However, this Dongfeng had also exceeded that limit.

Come sold on alibabaIt is a very popular site, and its cost is no more than 6000 euros. Almost electric supplied by the Chinese company. Moreover, the similarity with the signal Dacia is also noticeable. Aside from a few minor tweaks and a logo change – God forbid – it really does look like the spring is looking inside and out and everything else is part of the car.

This model is powered by a 33 kW electric motor and 27 kWh battery and has a range of 271 km per hour. The maximum speed is just over a hundred kilometers per hour. Better than Dacia? More than anything else, it would be enough if it was at least slightly different from the original. Anyway, for those who want to save, it is definitely a way not to be missed.

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Dongfeng E1 (web source) October 4, 2022 quattromania.it
Dongfeng E1, Interiors (web source)

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