The amazing coffee test in a job interview: If you don’t pass, goodbye dreams

The amazing coffee test in a job interview: If you don’t pass, goodbye dreams

The employer uses a certain trick to understand the nature of the people he will hire. This is the “coffee test”.

The job market is increasingly competitive and sometimes, Simple skills are no longer enough. In fact, employers try to evaluate multiple aspects when they have to select new members to join their team.

What does the coffee test consist of in a job interview – – (

It is natural to pay attention to the level of knowledge based on the profession to be undertaken, experience in the sector, but also the attitude towards teamwork. Trent Ennis, CEO of Zero, One accounting software company in Australia uses a simple trick to understand whether people applying to work for them are suitable for the job. It’s about “coffee test”. Let’s find out what it consists of.

Coffee test created by the employer during interviews: It is used to understand an important aspect

Trent Ennis He claims so Create a healthy and peaceful work environment is critical to the success of the company.

Coffee test in a job interview
People waiting for a job interview: coffee test – (

That’s why, before hiring someone, he puts candidates through a coffee test during interviews to get a more complete assessment of the person in front of them. The test may seem very simple, but failing it actually has a huge and decisive impact. In Ennis, in fact, You will be automatically excluded from the selection processRegardless of the level of proficiency.

But what does a cup of coffee have to do with eating it? Trent Ennis explains it directly. It helps to realize one’s competence and attitude. During the interview, the CEO himself takes the candidate he is facing on a walk around the company’s headquarters, including the office kitchen. She offers him a drink, usually coffee, and then watches his actions.

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In fact, if the candidate returns the empty cup to the kitchen at the end of the meeting, he or she will have a good chance of being hired. This action reveals a person’s tendency towards teamwork and respect for shared space.

Coffee test in a job interview
Job interview and coffee test: the smart trick – (

that it A sign of tremendous respect towards colleagues. Over time, everyone can develop their skills and gain experience, Trent Ennis said. However, education is an essential feature that can never be neglected.

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