New US weapons in Ukraine may not be enough –

New US weapons in Ukraine may not be enough –
from Andrea Marinelli and Guido Olympio

Military aid to the Ukrainians took place in phases and not always in a coordinated manner. After the first reaction, urgent and frantic, we jumped to the next level. Another expected step: changing conditions made it possible to overcome the resistance

With the continuation of preparations for the expected Russian attack, as stated in the satellite images that show the concentration of forces and the movements of columns along the eastern borders of Ukraine, Western countries continue to supply it to Kyiv. For British intelligence, the appointment of the new commander, Alexander Dvornikov, is an attempt by the Kremlin to achieve greater coordination, something that it missed in the first stage. In Mariupol, the fighting is fierce at the steel plant: Here, the last Ukrainian unit resists, with scarce ammunition and without the possibility of getting help. The Chechen dictator Kadyrov, who involved his thug in the siege, says that a thousand marines have surrendered, but there is no confirmation.

Important information, however, comes from American supplies. Military aid to the Ukrainians took place in phases and not always in a coordinated manner. After the first reaction, urgent and feverish, by sending anti-tank and anti-aircraft missiles, we jumped to the next level: another anticipated step, because changing conditions made it possible to overcome the resistance. The massacres against civilians Acceleration problems in Russia encouraged acceleration. The latest package decided by the White House is significant – another $750 million, bringing the total to 1.7 billion sent after February 24 – but for some that is not enough. According to rumors, helicopter gunners were included in the list by the United States.Heavy Mi-17

(Russian design, but Pentagon officials deny), Armored Humvees, Drones for coastal defense, Equipment against chemical attacks.

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The manufacturers of attack drones were also investigated
From Reaper to Gray Eagle: Training is needed, however, and they are at risk if Ukraine does not control the skies, because they can be brought down. By these means, Zelensky can try to face the next shoulder that Moscow has prepared. However, it needs a larger number of guns, missile systems, laser-guided long-range missiles, radar capable of detecting opposing batteries, anti-ship systems, radar and missiles to counter enemy aviation (type S-300). Without the ‘Umbrella’, its units risk being raided: The Russians are currently carrying out an average of 30-32 strikes per day, and it is likely that they will try to increase the tempo.

More tanks and armored vehicles are needed. Something has arrived (Slovak T-72s, Australian chariots, Slovak self-propelled guns), and some has to (Mastiffs and Jackals both announced from London). Germany’s Rheinmentall has offered some old Leopard 1s (Italy probably once used them), and there’s always a polish on the line. The points are the usual: Quantity and above all quality, requirements that do not always exist. Same problem for fighters. Zelensky remained with only a few planes, and too few to face difficult testsSaddam – experts say – is identical to that of World War II. Slovakia also launched the idea of ​​selling ten MiG-29s, with several flying hours behind. However, he wants NATO to ensure its skies are protected and above all aims to get better planes. The British Rossi Institute wrote that Egypt also has MiG-29s available, but the potential transition is linked to political considerations, will and the need for alternatives.

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On the topic of help, in short, There are 5 categories:

1) Important financial promises.

2) Items delivered or in progress.

3) To be delivered secretly.

4) The savior promise of doubts and conflicts in the concerned countries.

5) Guaranteed help vs. more modern systems from the US. Some of the “pieces” are really old, pulled from storage. Solidarity with the resistance can also become an opportunity to get rid of veteran weapons.

The White House indicated that they have been sent to Ukraine so far More than 5,000 Javelins anti-tank spears and 1,400 anti-aircraft stingers: According to the Center for Strategic and International Studies, the United States sent the Ukrainians a third of its stock of Javelins and a quarter of its Stingers. In the first case, at the current rate of production, it will take 3 or 4 years to supply it again, at least 5 second: Javelins are produced by Raytheon Technologies, while Stingers are produced by a joint venture formed by Raytheon and Lockheed Martin. also for this The White House will meet today, Wednesday, April 13, with the CEOs of the eight largest US arms manufacturers – Including Raytheon, Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, Boeing – for Invite them to prepare for a long-term struggle and accelerate production.

Washington has been sending for weeks 8-10 planes a day in neighboring countries With Ukraine, where the loads are then transported By road ahead: “These weapons don’t last long.”a Pentagon official explained to Washington Post. “Once they arrive at the transhipment sites, they are ‘transferred to pallets’ and loaded onto trucks, which are then transported to the country by the Ukrainian Armed Forces.” Now the United States will finish the delivery From the last 800 million aid package approved on March 17, and from the 100 million aid package pledged last week: 19 aircraft out of 20 required to transport weapons – In particular, Javelin anti-tank missiles aimed at the Donbass – have already reached their destination. The Pentagon said that deliveries are expected by mid-April.

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