“In two years my contract will expire and I will leave Inter. I have already decided what I will do.”

“In two years my contract will expire and I will leave Inter. I have already decided what I will do.”

Present alongside Pallacanestro Varese's CEO, Luis Scola, CEO of Inter's Sports Area Giuseppe MarottaHe spoke from Sala Montanari in Varese to talk again about the importance of the term “sustainability” in sports clubs today. During the speech, the Nerazzurri manager also revealed details about his future. “To mix results with sustainability, you need experience. Then you need structures, that is, facilities and training centers: without them you cannot achieve anything, but even on this subject in Italy, we suffer from a lack of political sensitivity towards sport and then we have shortcomings in the world of schools: do You think Ajax and Amsterdam schools in the Netherlands share the task of training children… What are we doing here?

About the periodic “crises” of football in Varese:
“It is difficult to judge from the outside, but what happened here happened in all the neighboring provinces. With the departure of the great entrepreneurs, the small sport has suffered the greatest backlash: once there were 20 football teams between Varese and Gallarate, today we have 7 or 8. All those who have tried in recent years in Varese should feel grateful.”

Then many words about youth, the “point” of the present and future of the CEO of the Nerazzurri. With ladle:
“The youth sector is the greatest asset of society, especially from a humanitarian point of view. I am increasingly convinced that making young people pay for sport is wrong: it should be free, because in this way it will also be possible to involve them.” “Poor families, those where heroes hide, as once upon a time. In two years, when my contract with Inter expires, I will only take care of young players.”

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