Berrettini teases Sinner: “Now win Wimbledon”

in the end, After four sets, three hours and forty-two minutesAnd the teasing remained in our eyes. Not 28 ace dMatteo Berrettinileaving holes in the Wimbledon centrepiece. It is not the exceptional efficiency of Jannik Sinnerable – between the lights and the shadows – to score a point when it mattered most (finished 156 to 141: a very clear gap), i.e. We don’t have a break. who decided Italian clash In London, it is destined: the right man in the right place at the right time. Not even the excitement that the derby has stirred up in the world between the leader (Matteo, the first Italian final in history at Church Road) and the heir, two Italian boys who from the south of the English capital sent a postcard to the four corners of the planet that made us proud of them and the country they represent.

Berrettini, who caresses the net for the sinner

No, the day after the second round of the Wimbledon tournament he promoted. Sinner in Friday’s match against Kecmanovic Which made Berrettini feel like a tennis champion again, What remains in the memory is Mateo Llanic’s embrace at the net.A giant hand on the left cheek of a young man destined for great things, a gesture of affection between big brothers, not between friends, or at any rate between members of Celestine Company, our tennis fraternity. “Now go and win. Win this tournament.” The giant said to the former child skater, a ceremony full of affection that meant a lot to Sinner (note the celebration at the end of the match, typically Sinnerian but also respectful of his defeated compatriot).

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Friendship story

There is a history between these two. There were also some matches before the Wimbledon match, which sealed it forever. There was a time, not long ago, when the best was the bearded man, who was chased by a snowball that rolled down the mountains, before it turned into an avalanche. Turin, ATP Finals 2021: The President is Berrettinia master among masters, but he gets hurt (unfortunately, a must) and leaves his place in the group for the reserve. Jannik makes his Masters debut against Hurkacz, wins and dedicates the success to his friend: “Matteo come back soon, you are a legend,” he writes to the camera. Berrettini returned the favor last year in Malaga, when he traveled to Spain – injured – to support Italy in Davis, as an ultra. (We know how that ended.) “Yannik was incredible,” he says, “he threw everything at full force, never made a mistake. I turned to the bench and said: but is this real?”

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