May 29, 2023

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Ciro Immobile does not leave his little Michela alone: ​​the second night in the Gemelli hospital, he will be discharged on Tuesday

Cyrus fixed He will come out tomorrow. He will spend another night in the hospital next to his daughter Michaela.

The Lazio captain did not leave the Hotel Gemelli this morning, as he had agreed with the doctors yesterday, on the day of the violent incident against the tram in Ponte Matteotti.

How is Ciro immobile after the accident: at night in the hospital, he will miss Turin and Inter

Written by Riccardo Caponetti and Giulio Cardone

The reason is not related to the midfielder’s physical condition, which is fine and he had a quiet night, but it is related to his daughter Michaela: The 10-year-old had to stay another day on probation in the hospital, so Immobile, not to leave her alone, postponed her return home.

Where’s the wife instead? Jessica with boys (Mathias and Andrew) and the other daughter, Georgiawho was in Ciro’s SUV at the time of the collision: on the other hand, has already been discharged from the Bambino Gesù Hospital.

Roman tram driver. The shocking banner for Giallorossi fans against Immobile

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Immobile is clearly eager to get back on the field, but his biggest concern right now is with his two young daughters. “I hope they forget everything,” she confesses to her friends from the hospital room. From tomorrow they will all be together again at home.

In the Ciro Immobile accident He suffered a traumatic spinal deformity and a compound fracture of his right 11th rib. Once he leaves, he will have to rest between 7 and 10 days without being able to train: these are the recovery times reported by the Lazio captain, who scored again on Friday at La Spezia from the penalty spot two months later.

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