Free video games for those who have a job: news that surprises all gaming fans

Free video games for those who have a job: news that surprises all gaming fans

Video games and the world of work, two seemingly distant worlds, are about to become much closer.

to'games World It has always been a rapidly developing area, where innovation often holds various reserves Surprises for users. In recent years we've seen an unprecedented shift, with developer interest shifting from consoles and PC to mobile platforms.

Video games and business come together in this special initiative –

Now, it seems the time has come for a new trend that could redefine the relationship between work and leisure. Anyone who has a job or is looking for a new job In fact, you may have the opportunity to interact with the games completely for free.

The professional and recreational worlds looked so far away Travel on parallel paths-Meeting only on special occasions. Great platformused by millions of users daily Professional fieldscould soon break these boundaries, creating an unexpected bridge between work and play.

An unexpected turning point: Video games and work are closer than ever

In the middle of this strange news is… LinkedIn, the well-known professional and networking network owned by Microsoft. The platform, what matters More than one billion users active, has now become the main reference point for those who are looking for job opportunities, want to expand their professional network or want to acquire new skills.

Free video games on linkedin
LinkedIn plans to include games on its platform –

However, in light of the latest information, it seems that this social network wants to Break the patterns that have existed until now And embrace the world of gaming. According to the latest rumors, LinkedIn is considering it Providing free video games to its users.

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The project anticipates the arrival of simple games based on puzzle mechanics, inspired by the viral success of titles like “Wordle.” These games, currently called Queens, Heuristics, and Crossclimb, were developed with a goal in mind Add a little fun To the LinkedIn experience.

The idea is to use games to create New conversation opportunitiesdeepening professional relationships, and ultimately, Increase time spent on the platform. The same LinkedIn spokesperson confirmed the development of these games, although he did not provide a specific launch date.

On top of all this, other interesting details emerge: LinkedIn is experimenting with the ability to organize player results by workplace, Which allows companies to be “ranked” according to the results obtained in the games.

This mechanism introduces an element of cHealthy competition between companiesEncourage employees to participate in games not only for personal entertainment, but also to contribute to the prestige of their organization.

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