The 30 players from 5 companies involved in illegal betting, the sites and the source of Fabrizio Corona: “He is the uncle of a former Inter player.”

The 30 players from 5 companies involved in illegal betting, the sites and the source of Fabrizio Corona: “He is the uncle of a former Inter player.”

Thirty names of players involved in betting on illegal platforms. Some of them bet at least one million euros within a year and a half. While in the Turin prosecutor’s office, Niccolò Zaniolo and Sandro Tonali didn’t just bet on poker and blackjack. While the investigators, in addition to Nicolo Fagioli and the elected officials, provided the Public Prosecution with general evidence about seven other football players. However, not enough evidence has yet emerged. For this reason, there are currently no other names registered in the suspects’ register. Not even Nikola Zalewski. While Fabrizio Corona says that there are ten football players and 5-6 agents and in the story there are also secret gambling dens. The name of a Roman DJ who would have served as a betting counter also appears.

the mole

Corona speaks today with Corriere della Sera. The Turin Public Prosecutor’s Office heard him as a person familiar with the facts before handing over the investigation notice and the phone confiscation decree to Tonali and Zignolo. “I will tell everything today on the Nunzia Di Girolamo program immediately after the match.” “We will mention more names and reveal the source of the news. He is the uncle of a former Inter player from the Mourinho era, and a close friend of Mario Balotelli. Mario is a friend of mine, he has been here several times, and he was shocked by the evidence I gave him. The uncle says that his nephew moved to Rome and opened a gambling den. Is there anyone else from the national team? There are also presidents…” There are five teams involved in total. While it is forensically important to note that the players have not been charged with sports fraud. This means that there is no evidence to that effect at the moment.

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Four Lazio players and one former Inter player

second Everyday reality Corona could have learned the name Zalewski (not investigated, ed.) from close circles of Romanian tattoo fitness influencers. Four Lazio players and a former Inter player are the other names expected to leave soon. Investigators found that many betting sites not licensed by AAMS, the government’s monopoly body, are being used to launder money. These sites include and These are the ones used by the players under investigation.

Someone was going to spend a million euros in a short time. All clues point to Fagioli. Republic It is learned that there are 30 names on the cards. He explains that precisely because of the indebtedness, the Juventus player doubted Tonali and Wozniolo. Fagioli is the one who gives the bookmakers’ contact details. The police are working on the conversation that the player had with investigators. Some of them are from the Italian League. There’s also a teammate, about the same age as him. There is no other Azuri.

How illegal betting platforms work

Illegal betting platforms are moving in with the help of Telegram. printing He explains that the episodes are collected through social media channels in a safe manner and away from the eyes of the police. Telegram allows you to create a series of channels that direct you to the right channel. The channel is usually private and only administrators can post messages. Bets usually open in the afternoon. The administrators provide two links: one to send a private message to the administrator, informing him how much you want to bet, and the second indicates the instructions. You can give money by “Pay €300 per game” or “Send 10% of winnings”. If you choose the second option, the administrator will inform you “how much you want to bet and which site we will be playing on”. All this to “anticipate control problems” and “maximize cooperation.”

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Buffon case

always Republic It was announced that attached to the investigation documents was information from the Guardia di Finanza regarding Gianluigi Buffon. We read: “In 2006, the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Parma charged Buffon with illegal sports betting, in violation of Article 4 of Law 401,” the same thing that Azzurri footballers are accused of today. The Public Prosecutor’s Office requested the dismissal after it was proven that “the amount of Buffon’s bets reached 2 million euros.” The bet money has been added to specialist sites by a friend from Parma to avoid the player’s name appearing directly. Buffon said he had never bet on Juventus or any other Italian team. But he admitted that he was an enthusiastic gambler in various sectors: casino, billiards, cricket, and that he was betting on foreign football and other disciplines. Because in Italy it was possible to do it.”

Zaniolo’s mother

The investigation started from a betting shop in Turin that also had an illegal betting channel. Tonali asked to be questioned by investigators. While Faggioli – with the help of lawyers Luca Ferrari and Armando Cimbari – appears determined to seek a plea deal in sports. Before the Public Prosecution referred him to the Football Association. Yesterday, Corona also put Francesca Costa, Zaniolo’s mother, in question. She is also not among the suspects. The former VIP photographer then said that it came from “Italian, or rather from La Spezia.” He has 12 years in prison behind him. The investigation file contains a registration number dating back to the year 2022. That is when agents of the Organized Crime Division found this “thread”, between bets and football. Investigators say the part about the football players is not the most important part of the investigation.

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