Djokovic in Australia: Vaccine Waiver Visa Problems

Visa problems for Novak Djokovic: Arrived in Australia, but can’t get off the plane. Document submitted for checks is not submitted Request and obtain a medical exemption By the tennis player because he was not vaccinated against Covid. A mistake made by the Serbian staff turned into a bureaucratic problem in which they risk not being allowed to participate Australian Open. The border police contacted the local government after discovering the error in the entry application. The answer was clear: Djokovic cannot set foot on Australian soil.

Indeed, from the words of the Prime Minister Scott MorrisonWhen the Serb was traveling to Melbourne, it was understood that the world’s number one tennis player, No Vax, would not easily enter the country. Soon, the “political” decision arrived. The state of Victoria, which was informed by Border Police, first demanded that the application be placed in black and white, then rejected it once it arrived. The same state of Victoria that granted the exemption to the nine-time winner of the tournament, thus attempting to correct an option disputed around the world. Now the ball goes to the federal authorities, and then to the Australian government. While waiting, Djokovic is still stuck on the Emirates flight that departed from Dubai and arrived in Melbourne at around 11:30pm on Wednesday.

Canberra’s home minister confirmed: “While the state government of Victoria and Australia Tennis can allow a non-vaccinated player to play the Australian Open, the federal government will enforce cross-border entry requirements.” Karen AndrewsAs soon as the case broke out. The minister noted that to enter the country without being vaccinated, you must “provide acceptable evidence” of the reasons behind the exemption, otherwise “you will be rejected or subject to a 14-day quarantine. No athlete participating in the Australian Open – repeat – will receive special treatment”.

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Warnings from the Australian government

“It would be helpful if Djokovic explained the reasons for his medical exemption. It’s up to him to decide whether or not to say it publicly, it would be appreciated if he did because the only person he can talk about is him – she.” Craig Tilly, Director Australian OpenWith some embarrassment, before Djokovic’s siege of the airport, he tried to convince the number one tennis player to discover himself to stop the river of controversy that has swelled since the Serbian received the green light to play without receiving a Corona virus vaccine. . In one country, Australia, which despite strict measures travels 50,000 new positives per day and in Melbourne, which has experienced the world’s longest lockdown (262 days).

While many attacked Djokovic (“what they would have given me”), his conference colleague said Jimmy Murray, Andy’s brother), Australian authorities were quick to explain that the tennis player’s entry into the country would not be taken for granted. “We are waiting for explanations and evidence supporting this exception – the prime minister was expecting Scott Morrison -. If these tests are not enough, Djokovic will not be treated differently from the others and will return home with the first plane.”

Australian Open, Murray: “Djokovic? They wouldn’t have given me a vaccination exemption”

The line reiterated by the Minister of the Interior, Karen Andrews: “Any individual seeking to enter Australia must adhere to our strict border requirements. While the Victoria and Tennis Australia Government may allow an unvaccinated player to compete in the Australian Open, it is the Commonwealth Government that will enforce our border requirements. Since December 15, vaccinated visa holders can travel to Australia without applying for an exemption and entering states and territories without quarantine. so) will continue to ensure that those who reach our borders comply with our stringent requirements.”

Reactions to the exemption granted to Djokovic

Meanwhile, incoming requests for exemption interpretation continue uninterrupted. On the nation Toni NadalRafa’s uncle and former coach said he was surprised: “I thought he would give up or get the vaccine. Novak must have been aware that he is a global reference during a serious health crisis that is causing so much pain.”

Djokovic case, Banata: “He’s like Marquis del Grillo: Know me and you’re not C…”

Two weights and two scales were used.

To the former coach of the national volleyball team and now Head of Sports for the Democratic Party, Mauro Beirut, who described the case right after the news as “disgusting, a bad example that the sport should not set,” added the former tennis player. Nicolas PetrangelliMe: “Was this all allowed in 30th place?” What Djokovic has to do is not for me to say, it’s his work but from the start, the fact that he asked to play without giving in to what the others have asked, seems to me not very nice, let’s put it that way. It is a problem of two weights and two measures. The question is: If it was someone else, would they have let him in? Or is it just a tournament fit? Not a criticism, I ask myself a question. Explain, better show this exemption, we are all happy.”

“He does it because he likes everyone to be against him.”

For the former blue tennis player Gianni Ocklebo The reason may be psychological: “I will give a thought, otherwise I will not explain the case of Djokovic. He plays better when the public is against him. Now in Australia they will give everyone to him. He could also have created a favorable situation; but this can only say he.” It is difficult to give a rational explanation for the opposition to the vaccine. “If he said, on the other hand, but never did, because he could not vaccinate, there wouldn’t have been all this fuss. He should have said if he was in danger, but he didn’t” says anything: So – concludes Ocklepo – it is clear That people ask themselves questions.”

“Went to a personal interest”

Another former Italian tennis player also had his say, Tonino Zugarelli: “Everything was set up to vaccinate everyone, but in this case it seems to me that he surrendered in one person’s interest. I don’t think it was a right choice, if the law was the same for everyone too Djokovic should have been so. We have moved towards another interest, Namely, letting him play in the Australian Open. The tournament organizers found a trick to save goats and cabbage.”

Doubts of other tennis players

Busy players in Australia also talked about it. Caution reigns among them, but the case is clearly causing great discomfort. “I don’t know the exemption criteria, but he must have somehow fulfilled them. If that’s really the case – said the Australian. James Duckworth – It’s right to play Alex de Minor He hopes that “the established standards will be respected, and I know he is not the only one.” Try to keep the Brit quiet Liam Brody: “We can only trust.”

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