The “impossible vaccine” for the US military: “effective against all variants”

The “impossible vaccine” for the US military: “effective against all variants”

The US Army recently developedImpossible Vaccine“.not in the sense that it is a utopian drug, but a potentially effective drug.”against all variablesThe vaccine in question is now approaching I tried to get out in the United States on humans, but its properties have been praised as “EmbarrassedBy Professor Luke O’Neill, Head of the Department of Biochemistry at Trinity College Dublin.

In fact, the Irish star provided some developments last Thursday regarding the effects that the experimental drug will be able to produce on the human immune system. According to Al-Moallem, the vaccine developed by the US military is in fact a candidate to become the first “Serum my world against covid“.

Then O’Neill described how scientists with stars and tapes perfected the above-mentioned drug: “The vaccine was initially developed on animals. RGB . taken (that is, the part that allows the virus to attach to receptors in the human body to enter cells and transmit infection) Then it was attached to a nanoparticle. Initially tested on monkeys, it was found to protect against SARS, the original virus, SARS-CoV-2, Alpha, Beta, Delta, Omicron. she has protected Against all these viruses. “

Although it still takes some time to complete all the clinical tests on the vaccine prototype, the Irish professor could not contain his enthusiasm: “They are in the middle of the first stage, but overnight We will have the data soon. A vaccine developed by the US military may be the first universal vaccine against Covid-19“.

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O’Neill finally urged citizens not to be intimidated by the news regarding the discovery of new variants of Covid and instead to have complete confidence in the preventive efficacy of the currently used vaccines:In the case of variants, it is like a deck of cards that are constantly shuffled. You know the immune system can recognize essentially the same cards. Vaccines are currently stopping dangerous diseases against any variant yet, but we must do so again be cerfull“.

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