Live broadcast of the Round of 16 of the 2022 FIFA Men’s World Cup

Live broadcast of the Round of 16 of the 2022 FIFA Men’s World Cup

there live text From USA and Turkeythe game is valid for round of 16 subordinate FIFA Men’s World Cup 2022 volleyball. Direct elimination challenges continue: the Turkish team will try to surprise the formation of stars and stripes and the difficulty of that, which begins with the underdogs. Who will win and move on to the next round? The appointment is 5.30pm on Sunday 4th September in Gliwice, Poland. will keep you company with live text updated minute by minute, so that you do not miss a single emotion.

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USA – Turkey 25-21 25-17

2nd set – Russell misses, then Guinness misses and USA group! 25-17

September 2 – Turkey is now in sharp decline, and the supremacy of the United States is taking off. 24-16

2nd September – Turkey is trying to limit the damage with Lagomdziga, taking advantage of the rather relaxed position of the Americans. 22-15

The second September – the United States is now rampant, and also takes advantage of some difficulties in receiving the Turks. 20-13

The second set – Smith’s attack accuracy continues! 11-17

Group Two – Too many few errors in serving for Turkey. 10-15

2nd Sept – Russell is still very effective in the offensive phase, and so is Christenson! 7-12

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2nd September – The United States maintained the lead, with excellent attacks from Russell and DeFalco. However, Turkey is trying not to break away from opponents too much. 9-5

Group Two – Another American Point and Timeout Turkey! 6-2

SECOND SEPTEMBER – America’s first escape attempt, three straight points and 5-2!

Second set- The first point in the group for American Smith, then a streak that Anderson defeated. 1-1

Group Two – Let’s start over! Turkey on alert.

The end of the first group

September 1st – On the second attempt, the US closes the group! 25-21

September 1st – Turkey is trying not to give up, with some interesting points from Gungor. Then a service error and 24-20!

September 1st – Effective attacks of the United States continued, now 22-18.

Group One – Very well the United States, in complete control of the group now. 19-14

The first set- Bulbul Wall, then the excellent Kristenson immersion! 16-13

The first of September – Turkey is trying to respond with two consecutive points! 15-12

1st September – 2 more American points, after a Turkish point, due to excellent attacks by Defalco and an error in presentation. 10-15

Sept 1st – US tries first escape thanks to some excellent points from Russell! 12-8

Group A – USA scores with Defalco and Christenson, but Turkey is trying to stay glued to the score. 9-7

SEPTEMBER 1 Turkey joins the United States with a good offensive and an American mistake. 5-5

The first of September – however, the Turkish elevator gets up and starts again, Lagumdziga’s fault! 4-2

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First set – game stopped! Ankle injury for Turkish player Ike on the ground in pain.

September 1st – Well, the United States is with Defalco on the offensive. 3-2

The first of September – let’s go! Turkey in service and error and the first point of the United States! Also wrong for the Americans in the beating. 1-1

17.25- Good evening friends and friends of and welcome to the live transcript of the match between the United States and Turkey, a valid match for the Round of 16 of the 2022 FIFA Men’s Volleyball World Cup. Only a few moments before the start of the match!

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