W United States of America. At stake is CZ and Binance! rake.

W United States of America.  At stake is CZ and Binance!  rake.

The US Senate’s hunt for the cryptocurrency world continues with a new attack on Binance CEO CZ (Changpeng Zhao). Specifically, Elizabeth Warren and some other US senators are calling for a review of all operations conducted on the famous exchange (Binance) because they claim that there are investigations that would prove that the Binance platform was used to liquidate funds, steal money from its users, and finance terrorist acts. So far there is no evidence to support the theories of the US Senators but unfortunately the market is scaring away these claims. By inference we mean: ‘a judgment formulated by means of deduction, which results in a hypothesis’ and I would say it is quite apt.


To be honest, it must be said that Binance is the best cryptocurrency exchange, the most secure one that continues to invest to protect user accounts, with the fastest and most efficient customer service, transaction fees among the lowest if not the lowest and did not fund the Biden campaign. Yes, the Biden campaign was heavily funded by the CEO of FTX, another cryptocurrency exchange, Sam Bankman-Fried. Sam Bankman Fried was arrested for serious wrongdoings committed in running the exchange and his exchange went bankrupt causing the price of the exchange’s official currency to crash, draining the accounts of most of its users.


Thank you Senator Warren and thank you to all of your colleagues for your concern about Binance’s wrongdoing and its failure to see FTX wrongdoing according to your campaign funder.


As always, here are the top 5 profitable coins on the Binance market over the last 24 hours: EPX (Ellipsis) + 22%, ALCX (Alchemix) + 13%, QLC (Kepple) 12%, VGX (Voyager Token) 11 %, LOOM (Loom Network) + 10%

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