“In the United States with all my family. Immigrant citizens love Italy much more than those who live there.”

“In the United States with all my family. Immigrant citizens love Italy much more than those who live there.”

“I can never forget the day we left. It was June 27, 2011. Many prepare for months, we arrived with one suitcase head and that’s it.” Renata Ciraccioli Lives with his family in United State for over 11 years. Her husband specializes in InformaticsShe works as an assistant in a private kindergarten. It all started with a job opportunity abroad. My husband has never hidden his desire to live America: So one day his boss thought he was the right person for the new position at United States of America“. Upon arrival , Renatahis husband Alexander And his two sons, 9 and 11 years old, found themselves in front of the “long-awaited” goal: “Everything around was beautiful, large, silent and clean.” After spending five months at the hotel, “we knew we were going to be staying for at least two years.”

Originally from Iveriain the province TurinAnd Renata54 years old, worked as a software systems engineer between Venice And Milanbefore becoming redundant in 2009. Today she lives in Kenoshaa city of 100 thousand people on the shores of Lake Michigan, in Wisconsinas a full time mom. Days pass between organizing the house, managing the kids, and dealing with the neighbours. “in United States of America There is strong bigotry and narrow-mindedness in certain situations, but they sell guns supermarkets Hide behind the freedom to own a gun. It is a country of contrasts, ”explains Renata.

One of the first things that struck her upon her arrival was the cleanliness: “sidewalks, parks, public toilets, beaches: everything is more Cleaning. There are many Respect public spaces“. “If this mentality changes – Renata smiles -, Italy It will be a wonderful country.” After 10 years in the United States, Renata and her family got a Citizenship American. Meanwhile, our children have completed compulsory education and are now in collegeI changed jobs several times and we greatly expanded our functions horizons“.

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There are differences in salaries between United States of America And Italy? “Here the paycheck comes in twice a month, and it’s net state taxes And federal. The pension fund and health care are not deducted. These are burdens on the individual.” The state tax rate is about “at Wisconsin about 7.6%.” to Renata It’s hard to make comparisons because it’s a complete lifestyle changer: clothes in United States of America It costs less, as well energy and the GasEating outside costs more than eating inside Italy.

Any advice for young people? Living abroad far from their home country certaintySo many feelings difficultNot for everyone. But it’s a filling experience – he explains Renata -. It’s an experience Mind opensthe heart that increases travel baggage cultural and person linguistics.” Doing it yourself is not easy, she adds. “I recommend doing it at Husband or with family”. Not by chance RenataWhen he was twenty, he tried to leave AmericaBut she came home two months later: “He wasn’t there Internet And it was hard to cover distancehe recalls.

However, she did not regret being match. However, she adds, “I’ve asked myself many times if we did the right thing. And we’ll never get the answer. We’ve imposed on ourselves.” children – continues – grows without me Grandma and Grandpafar from everything family members: the price we paid so that we could give them a better future perhaps.”

The only real concern when moving to another country is schoolRenata explains. “For the rest I children They adapt easily and learn the language quickly. we grown ups We may struggle more to adjust.” And the school is on United States of America He says he deserves a separate chapter Renata: There are a few books, mostly brochures or PDFs. These few books are provided and will be returned at the end of the year. nothing Class reunion There is no representative of the class. There is only me talks between Teacher And parents It is scheduled twice a year. the assignments They are hired during the week, and always given about a week’s time. They are not assigned Friday to Monday, because weekend considered moment rest, of leisure. He smiles: “We were stunned when we visited the schools.”

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Renata He loves Italy and is returning with his family as soon as possible. “Recently, due to illness, I realized that the thing I really miss is Depth and the sincerity from Relations. Everything is superficial here. If I ever have to go back, I think these are the things that will push me to do it – he concludes -. And the sea.” For Renata, they should make it compulsory to spend at least one semester in another country in high school: “The Italians living abroad They love Italy much more than those who live there. Only in this way, perhaps, Italians will learn to appreciate their beauty, values ​​and goodness.

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