Afternoon 5, “I’m going to cut his throat” Barbara D’Urso is in shock

Afternoon 5, “I’m going to cut his throat” Barbara D’Urso is in shock

Viola Valentino, guest star of the 5th afternoon episode, leaves Barbara D’Urso speechless. Here’s what happened.

Continue to hold the bank Marriage of singer Viola Valentino and Francesco MangoAccused of having an affair with another woman until their wedding day. to me afternoon 5Viola claims to believe her husband’s version at the time He threatens to leave Barbara D’Urso speechless.

Afternoon 5, Barbara d’Urso is worried about Viola Valentino

The emotional state of the singer Purple Valentine And her husband Francis Mango. The latter was charged before Simona Calderone That he had a three-year relationship with her, which ended the day before the wedding with the artist. Simona’s version of events sheds light on new hypotheses about this union, all against Manju who was accused of wanting to take advantage of this union From an economic point of view. Vision Viola Tired, emaciated and restless, in a study afternoon 5 The guests became very anxious. Barbara D’Urso He did not hide his concern for the singer, explaining that he did not believe the version of events told by Manju and believed that Viola encounters a man who makes fun of her.

“There is something really strange, we will talk about it and try to understand it. Viola, I hope you know how much I love you, there is something that does not add up to me.”

Violadespite the protests of those present who tried to refer to them as Lady Simone’s version She is the most believable at the moment, although it hurts to admit that her husband does not respect her, Mango is right. The singer says she’s aware of the relationship but is sure it’s over, and lets herself go Scary comment which destabilizes the landlady Afternoon 5, in full breakdown with the ratings:

“If I find out now that there is still this story out there, I will kick him in the ass. There was an affair between my husband and his mistress, which I cannot deny. However, he made a choice, and if he does not keep it, I will cut his throat.”

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