In the match with Lopez, with Garner Kids

Months passed (the first pictures of them together began to be circulated in May 2021, Review it here) But the passion between them Jennifer Lopez e Ben Affleck It is always heaven. After all, when you pick yourself up again after 17 years, a string of buddies and many kids, the feeling of necessity must be strong and rooted.

Passion for the game

I Benifer They were pressed together in an NBA game. The two spent the afternoon playing on the sidelines rather than focus on the basketball game between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Boston Celtics. Tokatin, kisses, face to face: Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck They are in love more than ever. The singer opted for the perfect JLo style, which consisted of a denim jacket and matching jeans. Both have been signed Fitness TrainerAs well as the white bag with leather details placed on the floor. Black leather ankle strap with extra high heel studs Alexander McQueen. A different record for Ben, flawless in full black.

With Jennifer’s other kids

The actor used the same coat to meet other Jennifers in his life. Yes, in life Ben Affleck There is no alone Jennifer Lopez but also Jennifer Garner. The actors separated in 2015 and formalized the divorce in 2018. However, Affleck and Garner share three children and have always shown that they are complicit and bonded for the sake of the children. On a parent’s night at school, Ben and Jennifer met in Santa Monica. With so many things in common spent, the pair seemed to be very close to hugs and jokes. At one point there seemed to be a fairly heated debate, but there was certainly no lack of agreement. Ben Jennifer’s Two: Right now he’s enjoying both!

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