Science: Study day at Minà Palumbo in Castelbuono – Sicily

Saturday 11 December promoted by the Accademia dei Geogofili

(ANSA) – PALERMO, DECEMBER 10 – A study day in honor of Francesco Mina Palombo, scholar and academician of the illustrious Madonnat, will be held tomorrow in Castelbuno in the building of the Natural Museum named after him, on Piazza San Francisco 3.

The event was organized by the Gorgovigli Academy – of which the researcher was a part – and the President of the Natural Museum of Nature Francesco Mina Palumbo, Rosario Chichi. The meeting will be opened with the greetings of the authorities: Mario Cicero, Mayor of Castelbuono; Tiziano Caruso, Director of the Department of Agricultural and Food Sciences; Angelo Merlino, head of the Madonna Garden Authority; Franco Toscano, Director of the Francesco Mina Palombo Nature Museum. The official spokespersons for the Georgofili Academy will be President Massimo Vincenzini and Maestro Nicola Viasconaro, Academician of Georgofili.

For the community of Castelbuono and the Madonie region, this workbench represents – as Nicola Viasconaro commented – an important opportunity to relaunch the uniqueness and role of our precious museum, and to remember Francesco Mina Palumbo, a man and scientist who spent so much money on the enrichment of science and culture both nationally and internationally, and a pioneer of three of the great Castelbuonesi scholars who followed in his footsteps to become exemplary students and distinguished themselves as Materialists in the world of botany.” (Dealing).

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