“I was so scared, and I’m so excited.” What happened?

“I was so scared, and I’m so excited.”  What happened?

Emma Brown Ushered in a new era in his country Professional life with album One single is expected to be released this week. This is the “souvenir” that expects touring Italian clubs. to’feelings The singer was so big that she put a lot on her anxietybut this a fan They were there for her, supporting her in every sense of the word.

On her Instagram stories she showed herself in it tears In the face of all this love.

Emma: Here’s a keepsake. New album and fall club tour announced, all dates

Emma Maroun in Sardinia, the image of the sea fascinates the masses: “You are a mermaid.”

whatever there was tears on his Instagram stories. After seeing the extremely positive response from fans to her announcement of her new album and tour in Italy, the singer plunged into… He cries Emancipating what he shared with fans, he said, “I was fucking myself for this comeback, then I read you and got emotional. I don’t care, I show myself as I am. Thank youI can’t wait to perform, I’m so excited. You are amazing and I love you. You give me a crazy push.”

Emma couldn’t wait to get back to singing with her fans and they showed her how much they missed her.

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