Good waste rock | newspaper from Reus. News and current affairs in Camp de Tarragona

Good waste rock | newspaper from Reus.  News and current affairs in Camp de Tarragona

Falst’s resident English musician and singer, Phil Mahon and the three musicians who accompanied him captivated the audience in attendance. Last Wednesday at the concert they gave at Plaça de les Peixateries Velles, in Reus. The accompanying musicians are the bass player Cesc Geralt, drummer Angel Alonso and trombonist Eduardo Balhoca.

The four have demonstrated great mastery in translating and, in some cases, adapting rock and roll, blues or funk classics. Phil Mahone’s powerful vocals stand out in the two-hour nonstop review of songs — most of which have their roots in black music — like Jerry Lee Lewis’ “Great Balls of Fire,” Muddy Waters’ “Hoochie Coochie Man,” and “Cath.” That Teardrop” by The 5 Royales or “The Right Track” by Billy Butler. More than twenty songs formed the repertoire of the Phil Mahone Band in this symbolic Ríosín arena.

On stage, the Englishman left evidence of his extensive experience in music, initially developed in England and more recently at Priorat. In England he was the singer and guitarist in the soul band Rampunkcious and accompanied Linda Jill Lewis, The Johnny Friendlies and many other musicians. A Falset is part of Phil Oksera & The Grapevines. It is also worth highlighting the musical background of Cesc Geralt, Ángel Alonso and Eduardo Balhoca, through other parallel formations.

The event, which is included in the program of Festa Major de Sant Pere, was organized by the Rosa dels Vents restaurant, LANOVA Ràdio de Reus and

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