Enzo Iaquite, son with a rare disease: traveled around the world for treatment

Enzo Iaquite, son with a rare disease: traveled around the world for treatment

Enzo Iacchetti is one of the most famous public figures in the Italian exhibition space. Italian comedian, stand-up comedian, TV presenter, singer and actor: a true professional. Since 1994, he has hosted the satirical newscast of Antonio Ricci with Ezio Grigio stripping news.

She has a strong sympathy, it is impossible not to love him. Unfortunately, his smile was behind some very sad moments that negatively affected his daily life. during the interview He wanted to talk about his son’s battle against a rare disease. Here are all the details of the story.

Enzo Iaquiti – Solospettacolo.it

Enzo Iacchetti started working as a comedian in 1979 in Derby club from Milan. In 1990 he had the opportunity to cooperate with Maurizio Costanzo Show Since then he has risen to the pinnacle of success. He has worked on several radio shows for opinionsubordinate Mediaset Based on Telemontecarlo. At the same time he devoted himself to acting. Just remember God bless hima short series of 8 episodes with an inseparable colleague Ezio Grigio.

As for his private life, he married a woman named Roberta and their son Martino was born from their relationship. He is also a converging artist: an actor, theater teacher, and musician. One of his singles is titled We will swim in the sea He was the founder of the band in the first closing period.

“It was tough years, it was tough”

Enzo Iaquite is very conservative about his private life, but he wanted to break the rule by talking about his son’s rare illness. He decided this because it can help many families to deal with the same problem. For years, they searched for a cure and eventually succeeded in their intentions. Now the disease is just a bad memory.

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“It’s something we don’t forget. My son was lucky in the past, but he had a really bad adolescence. Then we found the great guy who solved his problem…It was tough years, it was tough, but he was very good … He is a man with qualities …He’s been through very difficult years and has been very goodHe was always laughing. He never thought he was in great danger, though he always wanted to know what was happening to him.”

Curiosity about young talent

From the age of 16 to 22 years he fought this battle. Illness didn’t allow him to do even the simplest things, like go out for a beer or go out with his girlfriend. Despite everything, he achieved his goals.

Martino Iaquitti - Solospettacolo.it
Martino Iaquitti – Solospettacolo.it

Martino is a teacher and actor in Oltreunpo . theater. Not everyone knows that yes exhibited at this event Sanremo off To honor the songwriter Fabrizio de Andre. In the music field, he collaborated with his father on the album I apologize to Mr. Jaber. On TV, together they participated in the broadcast Anything is possible tonight in 2015.

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