Belen Rodriguez screams at the airport and calls the police

Belen Rodriguez screams at the airport and calls the police

In Linate, he leaves with Luna Marì, he is angry at the presence of the paparazzi

Belen Rodriguez announced her departure on Instagram Stories, placing Luna Marrow on the stroller among the bags. He wrote “You and I on the Road” and then retrieved his happy and naughty little daughter during takeoff. Everything seems to be going smoothly: she did not mention the curtain at Milan Linate Airport.

It was ThePipol who told what happened before boarding the plane. Belen Rodriguez did not like the presence of the paparazzi and switched to flight attendants. Tones became accents and it seemed that the showgirl raised her voice against the paparazzi by threatening to call the police. The paparazzi were not afraid, and she moved from words to deeds. “Is it true that you can’t take pictures at the airport?” He told the agents. But the law in this regard is clear: public figures can be immortalized anywhere, as long as they are not in private homes protected from outside view.

It is well known that Belen Rodriguez cannot stand the paparazzi who often follow her. Street fights against those who took the pictures are no longer counted. Two years ago while at a restaurant table with Antonino Spinalbese, she asked for the carabinieri to intervene, at other times immortalized by raising the middle finger. “You can’t take pictures of me all the time, and I don’t leave the house anymore. I’m nervous,” she told a reporter waiting for her at the door in 2018. My nightmare.”

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