Thrower Fredrik Strand, is among 26 hopefuls to be a contestant in Eufória

Thrower Fredrik Strand, is among 26 hopefuls to be a contestant in Eufória

Thrower Fredrik Strand, is among 26 hopefuls to be a contestant in Eufória

The third season of the program Euphoria will be shown on TV3 on March 1 And some of the faces viewers may see on their screens have already begun to appear in public.

Through a joint post on the official Instagram of the program and 3CAT, 26 selected people were presented who aspire to be contestants in the talent show, but of these only 16 will end up on stage for the first group of Catalunya TV. Among these aspirants we find a voice from Empordà. This is Llançà singer Frederick Strand.

This is not the first time that Lançanec, of Swedish origin, has participated in a music competition. In fact, last September he was the first to be chosen to participate in the Idol program on Swedish television TV4.

TV3 will broadcast the final selection in two special programmes. On February 16, the top seven contestants in the music competition will be announced, and on February 23, the other nine contestants will be announced. Then it will be possible to know whether Altempordanese feels joy for the first time.

What will the third season of Euphoria be like?

Contestants for Euphoria Season 3 will be announced on February 16-23, which begins the following week, on March 1.

Once again, Marta Torney and Mikey Nunez will be the talent providers, which this year comes with new additions to the coaching staff. Natalia Palomares and Alphonse Neto make their debut as choreographer and performance preparer, respectively. In addition, three faces familiar to viewers will return: Daniel Ángeles will once again be the head coach, Clara Luna will remain vocal coach and musical advisor, and Jordi Copino will once again be the music producer.

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Regarding the jury, it is expected that there will be a renewal, but the new members who will form it have not yet been announced.

To all these changes we must add one that will not go unnoticed by the program's followers: the change of group. After two seasons, successful audience data encouraged the public channel and production company Veranda TV to take a step forward and give a renewed image to the competition.

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