In Paris we speak Italian!

In Paris we speak Italian!

And the most “unlucky” equalizer was undoubtedly the role of Lorenzo Mossetti. 20 years from Carrara, 66 ATP, in the evening match in which the “Philippe Chatrier” program was concluded, Show all his magic for two sets before giving up 57 46 62 63 62After more than an hour and a half of great tennis, In Greek, Stefanos TsitsipasNo. 4 in standings, finalist (lost in five sets by Knoll after winning the first two sets) and in the sixth participation.

The 23-year-old had won his previous two matches with Tuscan Next Gen, in the semi-finals on hardcourt in Acapulco and again in the semi-finals on clay in Lyon again in 2021. After injuring his adductor muscle in Madrid , The contract started a little and Tsitsipas took advantage of the opportunity to grab the serve in the fourth game (3-1), confirming the superiority (4-1). After risking a double break, Musetti changed gears and stopped his opponent (4-4), even with some difficulties leading 5-4, but Lorenzo made a forehand and two killer blows from the hat. A proverbial backhand, he slipped in three straight games and took the first set (7-5).

Lorenzo’s positive mood continued in the second set as he played science fiction tennis, and above all backlash along the line to catch the opponent in the counterattack, he flew 4-0. Tsitsipas in a state of pride, after narrowly avoiding 5-0, stopped the positive blue streak in seven games, and finally returned to defend a serve round (4-1), and then made up for it. 3). In the ninth inning, the Greek had to recover from 0-30 but in the tenth inning, Tuscany lost the second set (6-4).

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Tsitsipas’ angry reaction led to a quick 3-0 lead (12 points to 1) at the start of the third set. Mussetti tried not to lose contact, but in game eight with a millimeter strike, the 23-year-old Athenian earned a set point and with a cross backhand save, he took another break but above all set the set (6-2), cutting the damage in half. .

The Greek also took a break advantage at the start of the fourth break (2-0) and confirmed it after the Tuscans eliminated two consecutive break-break chances (3-0). But in the fifth game, Tsitsipas complicated his life again, and Mussetti resumed the first half (3-2). Both had amazing shots: Lorenzo didn’t give up but Stefanos stretched again (5-2). In the eighth inning, Blue saved two set points, but in the next set, the Greek pulled the challenge to fifth (6-3). After three hours of playing.

Greek instant break to tie at the start of the decisive break (2-0): Musetti grabbed the last energies from the bottom of the barrel but Tsitsipas in the fifth game doubled the break and then flew 5-1. In the seventh game, Blue canceled two match points (5-2) but in the next match Stefanos finished the training by sending a winning serve (6-2).

Another killer fifth set for Lorenzo in Paris where he was stopped last year, in his first Roland Garros, in the second round by Djokovic: The next generation of Tuscans, after leading by two sets to zero against the world number one, had to. He retired in the middle of the fifth set due to injury.

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