Tumors keep pace with science, there is one technology above all else at the fore: pathology in this regard

Tumors keep pace with science, there is one technology above all else at the fore: pathology in this regard

Oncology, research continues unabated. The labs tested a new, efficient system that came to almost all of it.

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Tumors are still evil of the century. We are facing a case Health is so compromised that it can continue to death. Over the years medicine has advanced in a very generous manner in the field of this dangerous disease.

In addition to Traditional drugs there has been the emergence of chemotherapy. This is injected into the body by A drop of a medicinal mixture capable of extermination bad cells. Today’s treatment has been perfected to try not to destroy the patient’s body too much.

In fact, the fluid that was introduced in the beginning also removed part of the good cells and there was He found himself dull, tired and exhausted. Experiments led to the emergence of new technologies To treat these tragic side effects.

Oncology, an advantage of the new method being tested

a A highly aggressive tumor affecting the head and neck. Scientifically proven that the main reason for This cancer is the human papillomavirus Human. The culprit is known above all in relation to cervical cancer. Other causes of head and neck cancer appear to be Smoking and alcohol

Medical Diagnostic Tumors
Oncology Diagnostics (Pixabay)

Vaccine against this class It may be necessary to avoid that disease has achieved and dispersal. Immunotherapy is the novelty of the moment. TheThe new technology, though used, works for some Severe malignancies such as cancer of the kidneys, bladder and lung.

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Today, the technique appears to be the most advanced and used in the field of oncology. Numerous studies have been done on this topic and complete theses have been made. Sharing medical breakthroughs leads to hope for the future without having to battle this deadly disease.

Britain has made an exciting discovery For advanced care. She has also been able to halve treatment times through several improvements in the health of a cancer patient. This technology has been tested by a team of experts with an accuracy of 99%.

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thanks for the A machine called MR-Linac, the synergy between MRI and X-rayMake sure the target and radiotherapy are completely compatible. In the case of losing weight there are no problems because the plane adapts well to it transformation phase.

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