Europa League: Roma-Milan and Atalanta-Liverpool on the field at 9 pm Live broadcast – Football

Europa League: Roma-Milan and Atalanta-Liverpool on the field at 9 pm Live broadcast – Football

Roma, Milan, Atalanta and Liverpool match live on the field at 9 pm

“It is one of the most important matches, if not the most important, in the history of Atalanta: but these are all the things you say on the eve of the match. You have to know how to isolate yourself from these considerations during the match.” So Gian Piero Gasperini in Atalanta's Europa League quarter-final second leg against Liverpool in Bergamo.

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“We have to play as if we did not win 3-0 in the first leg, knowing that we have to get a result and that the opponent can be beaten – continues the Nerazzurri coach -. We are happy to play a match like this.” “Valuable in front of our fans, in a stadium that is taking its final form, even if no one can sit in the Curva Sud yet: the frame is important.”

Gasperini is betting everything on his team's mentality: “For us, losing is unacceptable and in this year's Europa League we have never lost: we go on the field as if we have to secure qualification against a team that must be beaten at any cost.” He explained: “We are present in all three competitions, including the Italian Cup, with the semi-final return leg on the 24th with Fiorentina. We have great spirit, great enthusiasm and also quality, since we know how to score goals.” Last week we beat a team with a home team, with a strong identity and great value, and we have not been defeated for some time and the first in the English Premier League.”

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Finally, a criticism that seems to be directed at Juventus without naming it, regarding the transfer rumors of Atalanta's most prominent players: “Koopmeinerz plays for Atalanta and also does it very well. In this period of the season there are clubs outside the cups.” It is easier for these rumors to come out – concludes Gasperini – perhaps someone will wonder whether it is unfair for Atalanta to play in the semi-finals.

Return pegs: “Milan has the means to win in Rome”

They went on to win the only international trophy, the Europa League, missing from their history. Stefano Pioli's goal for Milan is clear, but the Rossoneri will have to overcome a 0-1 deficit in the first leg that Roma suffered under Daniele De Rossi. A match that represents a fundamental crossroads, a turning point not only in the season, but with the derby next Monday, it could write the coach's future. The Rossoneri coach must erase the lackluster performance in the first leg, a symbol of the alternating current season in which Milan has seen “burning” days and decidedly less exciting moments. However, Pioli is convinced that the Rossoneri will take advantage of their chance to qualify at the Stadio Olimpico. “I have confidence in the team because they have the means to win. To win we have to defend well, and suffer when we have to. I coach a mature and responsible team, and they know how to interpret these matches. It is not an exceptional match.” “He didn't take anything from us in the first leg, we have to play it and win it,” said the Rossoneri coach. He responds to De Rossi, who spoke about the last resort, mentioning that, “Yes, with regard to tomorrow’s match and being able to go to the semi-finals, it is. But we will play the Champions League next year and tomorrow.” “We will do our best, there will always be criticism, we are the same people who reached the Champions League semi-finals.” The talent of Rafael Leao, the Rossoneri star who has been criticized in recent matches and is ready to lead his team towards what could be the 50th cup in the Rossoneri’s history, Which will be raised under the Dublin sky next year, will have to tip the scales in favor of the Rossoneri on May 22. For his part, the Portuguese does not hide himself by admitting that the match at the Olimpico is like “the final. We play for Milan; If we play well, we, the footballers, the coach and everyone who works here are happy. Our goal is to win this competition, and if we succeed we will all be happy. It's like this in Milan, our fans want to win. But there is no challenge with Dybala because “we are both strong. He is very strong, I like him, and I am happy to see him play because he does different things. In modern football there are few of him, he is a nice person.” After the match he gave me his shirt and a lot of advice.” An internal or external match in which Pioli will have no margin for error. This is also why our minds cannot yet turn to the derby and the desire to postpone Inter's celebration of the Italian League; There are no rotations, so the best will enter the field with Maigne getting the goal back after being ruled out against Sassuolo as a precaution, and a defense in which the only vote remains between Gabia and Thiao on who will partner Tomori. Bennacer and Reynders in the middle, and the trio of Pulisic, Loftus-Cheek and Liao assist Giroud. So, classic Milan for Pioli who hopes to find one of the great European nights so as not to bid farewell to the dream of winning his first title – as a coach – outside the Italian borders.

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