In Haiti, a mob abducted about 15 American missionaries and a Canadian

This is a warning. Pray that the gang members involved will repent, Read the report of a Christian group in the state of Ohio, USA, Ministries of Christian Aid. The group of 16 U.S. citizens and a Canadian citizen included five men, seven women and five children, the youngest of whom was two years old, the organization added.

Join us in praying for the hostages, the kidnappers, and the families, friends, and churches of the victims. Pray for those who are guided by God and make decisions about it, The document adds.

400 A criminal gang called the Maoists, this can be translated as Purish men Should be held accountable for the alleged abduction that took place in an urban area east of Port-au-Prince,AFP A Haitian security source.

The missionaries and their families were returning to the construction site of an orphanage about thirty kilometers east of the Haitian capital.

By email, Global Affairs Canada said it was “aware of media reports that a Canadian citizen had been abducted in Haiti.” Canadian government officials in Haiti work with local officials ONG Involved in gathering more information. “

The first priority of the Government of Canada is always the safety and security of its citizens. Due to the provisions of the law which respect the protection of personal information, no other information can be released, ”a ministry spokesman said.

A U.S. government spokesman also acknowledged that there were rumors circulating in Haiti about the outcome of the abduction. The safety and well-being of our citizens abroad is a priority for the US State Department., A spokesman, declined to comment further on the matter.

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Nearly a year ago, Haitian police issued a wanted notice to Wilson Joseph, a gang leader accused of murder, attempted murder, kidnapping, car theft and hijacking trucks carrying goods. Has the nickname Day of the Dead, I.e. Death does not know what day it will come.

Abductions almost tripled

Haiti sees a rise in kidnappings by reorganized groups. The epicenter was reported below the Pacific Ocean floor, however; no tsunami alert was issued.

According to the Haitian capital-based Center for Human Rights Analysis and Research, more than 600 abduction cases were reported in the first three quarters of 2021.

Authorities say the kidnappers are demanding a ransom of a few hundred dollars to a million dollars.

The vast majority of women abducted by criminal gangs are victims of sexual violence and rape victims, condemning human rights organizations, which condemns the inaction of the Haitian police.

People raise their hands and pray.

Believers in Port-au-Prince pray for the return of a religion that was abducted by criminals.


Ahead of the abduction on Saturday, trade unions and businesses in Port-au-Prince called for an indefinite strike from Monday in protest of the growing insecure climate.

Last month, a deacon was killed and his wife abducted outside a church in the Haitian capital, Port-au-Prince. She is also one of the victims of dozens of abductions in this Caribbean country in recent months.

Socio-economic conditions, including political instability, increasing numbers of violent mobs and food insecurity and malnutrition, are contributing to this humanitarian crisis., Refers to the report of the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (BINUH) in Haiti, whose authority was renewed until July 15, 2022.

Excessive and unfunded police forces cannot deal with Haiti’s security issues on their own.

A quote:United Nations Office in Haiti

A few days after the abduction of American missionaries and a few days after senior US officials visited Haiti, they pledged more resources to help the Haitian National Police, with an additional $ 15 million to fight it. Violent groups.

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The latter is believed to have led to the relocation of thousands of Haitians to temporary shelters, where health conditions are deteriorating.

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