American aircraft in Norway. Hundreds of American soldiers descended. NATO aims at the North Pole

American aircraft in Norway.  Hundreds of American soldiers descended.  NATO aims at the North Pole

Intensification of air traffic in Europe. Planes United State They landed Norwayin the northern region. As the war in Ukraine continues, any movement is in doubt. Especially since NATO is intensifying its presence on the border with the nation, led by Zelensky. A move that enraged Putin and beyond: China has also accused the alliance of defining the current conflict.

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American planes in Norway, what’s going on

These days, hundreds of U.S. Army parachutes in Alaska are arriving in the northern part of Norway. This is the first time ever that the US Army Alaska Division (USARAK) will train on Scandinavian soil alongside the Norwegian Army. “While we do not have a parachute combat force like this, it is an important exercise for Norway. When hundreds of people arrive by parachute, it is essential for the chain of command in Norway to learn to manage and control the reception of such a deployment of forces,” Norwegian Army Major and spokesperson Eric Skomedal told the High North newspaper. News.

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22 . rapid response process

The operation is called Swift Response 22 and will take place simultaneously in a number of other European countries. The annual multinational exercise of the US Army in Europe and Africa, US Army Regional Command, is taking place this year in Eastern Europe, the North Arctic, the Baltic States and the Balkans from May 2-20. Approximately 9,000 troops from 17 allied and partner countries will participate, including approximately 2,700 US soldiers and airmen. The goal of the exercise in Norway is to train in an arctic environment. The exercise begins with the deployment of paratroopers in northern Norway and in the following days the Americans will continue field exercises with the Norwegian teams, as well as training at shooting ranges in remote areas of Troms.

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Attention to the North Pole

The United States increased its interest in the Far North and working in Arctic conditions. In 2021, the US Army will also unveil its First Arctic Strategy, underlining the Army’s need to rebuild its advanced ability to operate in the Arctic environment.

Norwegian presence in Ukraine

On April 20, Defense Minister Björn Arild Gram (Sp) announced that Norway had donated about 100 Mistrals and a small number of launch units to Ukraine. In military terminology, this type of missile is called “MANPADS”, which means “portable air defense system”. Now the Ukrainian defense has exchanged photos of the weapons used.

Ukrainian commanders claimed to have shot down 20 drones thanks to Mistral missiles, according to the Come Back Alive Foundation’s Facebook pages. The latter is a Ukrainian foundation that donates equipment to the Ukrainian military, and is funded largely by donations from abroad.

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