A wealthy heir was found guilty of the murder of his best friend

A wealthy heir was found guilty of the murder of his best friend

(Los Angeles) Robert Thurst, a rich and eccentric American in his seventies, is best known for an HBO documentary dedicated to him, convicted Friday of murdering his best friend by a court in Los Angeles.

The 78-year-old millionaire, who pleaded not guilty, was charged in 2000 with stabbing his friend Susan Berman in the head at his home in Beverly Hills.

Susan Berman, 55, was charged with aiding and abetting the murder of Robert’s wife, Kathleen. Mr. Thurst.Me Berman to prevent New York police from responding to inquiries into his wife’s disappearance in 1982.

Black Goat, one of the largest families in New York real estate, was arrested in March 2015 before the airing of the last episode of the six-part biographical documentary aired by the HBO channel. Owned JinxThe series renewed public interest in the matter and Robert Turst appeared there.

Jinx Looking back on another bloody chapter in Robert Durst’s life: Neighbor Morris Black is murdered and then thrown into the sea in an attempt to hide his body.

The Sulfur millionaire took refuge in Texas at the time, where he pretended to be a woman and claimed to be quiet in a small awkward apartment.

He was acquitted by an army of eminent lawyers, who pleaded guilty to a combination of defensive, accidental shooting and alcohol acts.

In JinxMr. Thurst seemed to consent reluctantly, whispering to him while he was in the bathroom and not turning off his wireless microphone, “What did I do?” I definitely killed them all. ”

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During an interview with prosecutors after his arrest, Mr. Durst defended himself by claiming that he was under the influence of drugs during the filming of the documentary and therefore had nothing in particular to these words.

During the trial, attorney John Levine assured the jury that he had weighed in on the “mountain of evidence” that, according to him, all three deaths were interrelated.

“He was never responsible for the violence against Kathy. He never had to answer for her death. For the past twenty years, he has escaped Susan’s murder, as well as his neighbor, Maurice Black, he said.

“He’s three murderers, he’s been able to escape all responsibility so far,” the prosecutor lamented.

“Bob did not kill Kathy Durst, so it’s no secret.” “They did not prove that he killed Susan Berman without a doubt,” he insisted.

Robert Thurst did not appear in court when the verdict was read because he was in solitary confinement after contacting a Covid-19 patient.

His trial opened in March 2020 in Los Angeles after a lengthy procedure. But the investigation was stopped two days later due to a corona virus infection.

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