A spy satellite over Pearl Harbor. Because Kim targets American bases

A spy satellite over Pearl Harbor.  Because Kim targets American bases

If the attack is on Pearl Harbor In history as the first military aggression on American soil, in 2023 the military base may face new threats. 82 years after December 7, 1941, which left America in shock, Spy satellite It was launched into orbit by north korea He would take photos of the site that would actually end up on his desk Kim Jong Un.

The spy satellite called Malyjeong-1 was launched on Tuesday, November 21, and the Pyongyang regime wanted to announce it with great fanfare for the whole world to portray it as a success. According to South Korean and Japanese sources, this will be the third attempt by the North Koreans after they had already tried, in recent months, to send their first military surveillance instrument to high altitudes, which could allow Kim to obtain important information in the event of an accident. Conflict with other powers.

According to what was reported by the North Korean News Agency YonhapThe Pyongyang government had already seen the images taken by the satellite as it passed over the North Korean archipelago. Hawaii, the 50th state of the American Union, at about five o’clock on Friday morning according to the time zone of the Korean Peninsula, while it was eight o’clock in Italy. In addition to depicting the site of Pearl Harbor, the air base was also immortalized Hickam On the island of Honolulu. It is always based on information released by the press Yonhapthe images will depict various typical wartime transports such as the nuclear-powered aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson.

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Other areas in the Asia-Pacific region were also flown by the spy satellite such as Mokpo, Gunsan, Pyongtaek, Osan, Seoul and others, which are all considered sensitive targets in the event of a missile attack by North Korea. Not only that, but also American rules Located in the area as Camp HumphreysIt is the largest American military base outside North America, and it will be inspected from above.

According to critics of the Pyongyang regime, the reason behind Kim’s desire for the whole world to know that he has photos of military sites is to prove that the tool works well, after the first two failures, despite its failure. The high-altitude mission officially begins at the beginning of December. When the launch occurred on Tuesday, North Korea claimed it was in response to the surge Militarization of space From Washington and Seoul. The South Korean and Japanese governments have expressed their strong condemnation of North Korea’s military mission.

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