The release of the report accusing Covit-19 Bolzano in Brazil has been postponed

The release of the report accusing Covit-19 Bolzano in Brazil has been postponed

The Brasilian Senate on Sunday announced an indefinite adjournment of the long-awaited Commission of Inquiry report on Jair Bolzano’s policies that are considered irresponsible and “criminal”.

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The senators wanted more time to discuss the content of the report, which is scheduled to be released on Tuesday, and to hear new witnesses.

On Friday, Reporter Renan Calheiros already announced at least 11 charges against the president, including “murder by acquittal”, “rape” and “crime against humanity.” Several ministers and the three sons of Jair Bolsanaro are to be blamed.

However, analysts believe the report will only have a symbolic impact in the short term, as the far-right leader still has the necessary support in parliament to prevent a possible impeachment process.

But the defeat of former left-wing President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva could have catastrophic consequences for someone who is not sure who will be re-elected within a year.

For five months, the small Senate chamber, where the Commission of Inquiry’s hearings took place, arrested a witness for frequent heated exchanges, sometimes insulting, tearful – and lying.

“Frightening practices”

The big show, which aired live on television for weeks, brought to light the government’s major “shortcomings” during the health crisis, which killed more than 600,000 people.

Senators have sought to establish responsibility for the deadly episodes, such as the deaths of dozens of suffocating patients in January due to a lack of oxygen at hospitals in Manos, Amazon.

Asked by ministers, MPs and representatives of private companies, the panel also looked at other known facts such as delays in vaccine purchases.

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But during the investigations, explosive revelations were made, especially about corruption scandals.

Jair Bolzano is suspected of being blindsided by a case of over-priced vaccines by the Senatorial Inquiry Committee, which has already received a state prosecution against him.

The government has also been accused of promoting ineffective “initial treatments” against the virus, particularly the controversial drug based on hydroxy chloroquine, whose benefits the president has repeatedly praised.

But the Brazilians were particularly shocked by the most serious allegations against Privet Sr., a private hospital and mutual health service, who were suspected of carrying out covert experiments with these treatments without the knowledge of his patients and reducing the death toll of Covid-19. .

“These are frightening practices that were not heard of in hospitals after World War II,” Bruna Morado, a lawyer for 12 physicians, told AFTV that she was forced to refrain from participating in the trials.

“Wearing a mask”

The Senate Commission of Inquiry does not have the power to initiate proceedings directly, but its report will be forwarded to competent bodies such as the Court of Attorney or Auditors, and also to the International Criminal Court. Complaints have already been filed against Jair Bolzano.

“We have found a lot of things. Bolsanaro and his entourage have committed a lot of crimes, to which he must respond in Brazil and abroad,” commission chairman Omar Aziz told AFP.

According to political scientist Graymore de Souza, the report will have a “symbolic impact” above all else, with its popularity rating being tarnished by contributing to a president’s wear and tear.

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For now, Jair Bolzano is being protected by two key allies, Attorney General Augusto Aras and Arthur Lira, chairman of the delegation.

Mr. Aras can only blame the president for common law crimes, which Griomer de Souza considers “impossible.”

According to Arthur Lira, he is the one who decides whether or not to submit to a referendum to open a criminal procedure.

More than 130 indictments have already been filed, but they have been ignored by the chairman of the lower house. Mr. Lira, one of the leaders of the “Centrow”, an informal group of parliamentarians, monetized their support in exchange for important positions or subsidies for their constituencies.

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