In Group A, Sweden continued to keep pace with the United States. Hungary retreated

In Group A, Sweden continued to keep pace with the United States.  Hungary retreated

Sweden beat Denmark 4-1 and remains in the standings in the wake of the United States, decisive for winning first place in the head-to-head match scheduled for Tuesday. In the end, Austria condemns Hungary to relegation to the first division on penalties, which is a problem for the FISG team that will have a strong competitor in the task of the 2024 World Cup in the upcoming annual conference of FISG.

In a Swedish-branded match, Denmark tries to scare away the Three Crowns at 3.39 with the advantage signed by Jensen. For their part, the Swedes needed 10 minutes to equalize with Everberg, while Peterson needed to overtake for an extra man situation. The score remained open until the 53rd minute, when Raymond first and Grundstrom narrowed it down in less than 2′ for the final 4-1.
Denmark 1-4 Sweden (1-1; 0-1; 0-2)
(1-0) 03.39 Niklas Jensen (Nikolai Eilers); (1-1) 13.24 Dennis Everberg (Oscar Lindberg – Alexander Nylander); (1-2) 32.20 Andre Peterson (Oscar Lindberg – Lucas Raymond) B, (1-3) 52.40 Lucas Raymond (Jonathan Berggren); (1-4) 54.22 Karl Grundström (Bär Lindholm-Andre Peterson)

Austria reached safety for the second year in a row after a match that forced them to recover from a two-goal deficit. Hungary hits at the opponent’s best moment with István Sofron, but Magyar’s defense is flawless during the second down, allowing Rossi to cut it like butter and finish off a header that started in the Austrian defensive third. With parts upside down, 39″ from the first half Sofron scores his second personal goal. The central part starts with the Austrians checking the mortgage, Horvath punishes them by bringing the distance to two lengths. Austria keeps the reins of the game and patiently weaves a web to harness opponents and get to the draw, thanks to Strong and Hodom in powerplay The score held steady at 3-3 until the 60th minute; he ended extra time with a stalemate, with a penalty shootout, giving Janal Austria salvation.

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Austria – Hungary 4-3 penalty kick. (1-2; 2-1; 0-0; 0-0; 1-0)
(0-1) 08.25 Istvan Sofron (Xanad Erdely – Istvan Bartalis); (1-1) 12.45 Marco Rossi b. (1-2) 19.21 Istvan Sofron (Balazs Sebok – Bence Stipsicz) PP; (1-3) 24.11 Milan Horvath (Christophe Pappe – Gergo Nagy); (2-3) 26.43 Stefan Strong (Paul Huber – David Meyer); (3-3) 37.09 Lucas Haddom (Dominique Zwerger – David Reinbacher) b. (4-3) 65.00 Manuel Janal (penalty)

classification: USA 18 points (6 games); Sweden p. 17 (6); Finland p. 13 (6); Germany points 9 (6); Denmark 8 points (6); France pts 4 (6); Austria pts 3 (7); Hungary pts3 (7)

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