USA: Agents to remove homeless shelters, storm over Mayor of New York – North America

USA: Agents to remove homeless shelters, storm over Mayor of New York – North America

(ANSA) – WASHINGTON, April 02 – New York Mayor Eric Adams is getting a storm, compared to former Republican Mayor Rudy Giuliani because after chasing homeless people from the subway, he unleashed police to evacuate them. He lives on the street in tents or makeshift shelters. Some municipal representatives and human rights advocates argue that there are no safe places for the homeless. Many of them avoid “shelters” and prefer sleeping under bridges, on sidewalks or, until recently, in metro and transit hubs.

“People have a right to be concerned and we have a responsibility to respond to their concerns, and we have to do so in a way that does not bring back the Giuliani era, where all problems were resolved with the arrest of African Americans and the criminalization of poverty,” he charged. On the New York Times City Council Diana Ayala, a Bronx Democrat whose brother had mental health issues and was wandering homeless. His reference goes back more than 20 years, when then-mayor Giuliani deployed police to arrest anyone who refused to go to a shelter, stating that the homeless had no right to sleep on sidewalks. Adams didn’t go far: “We don’t chase people off the sidewalks, they have the right to sleep on the street but not the right to build miniature homes,” explained the mayor, a former police captain, who presented himself as “the new face of the Democratic Party.” “. Thus, citing the Municipal Health Law, he declared war on temporary shelters using agents to wipe out the camps.

The 250 has so far been acquitted but Adams is firing a second round of checks. “I’m not giving up on anyone, but I don’t think dignity lives in a cardboard box, without a shower, and a toilet, and that’s inhumane,” he said. The problem, according to its critics, is that it offers no alternatives and does nothing but ignore what is a true social emergency. (handle).

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