June 8, 2023

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The USS George HW Bush aircraft carrier has arrived in the Gulf

“We have strengthened cooperation and understanding with our allies in the Italian Navy through joint training and operations,” said Admiral Denis Velez.

The USS George HW Bush, with the Carrier Strike Group 10 crew on board, has arrived in the Bay of Naples For a scheduled stop at the port yesterday, Monday, November 28th. “The visit represents an important opportunity for relations between Italy and the United States of America, with a central role for the city of Naples,” declared Mayor of Naples Gaetano Manfredi.

“The experience of a sailors’ stay, in a period when Naples has so much to offer culturally for those who visit it for the first time – adds Manfredi – will certainly be of great interest and particularly attractive to the large crew of The Csg George HW Bush. We take this opportunity to strengthen relations between the two countries And work together in the name of shared values ​​of peace and security.”

Admiral Dennis Velez, Commander CSG 10 George HW Bush said: “Our Strike Group works with our partners and allies throughout the deployment to maintain security and stability within the European operational framework. From the early days of training as a Strike Group through today, We have strengthened cooperation and understanding with our allies in the Italian Navy through training and joint operations. I am excited to work alongside the Italians to deepen our partnership. I am also grateful for the opportunity to visit Naples this week and know that my crew is looking forward to meeting the people of Naples and experiencing Italy’s history and culture firsthand.”

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HW Bush’s Carrier Strike Group has completed pre-deployment exercises with the Italian vessel Caio DuilioMost recently, she worked alongside the Italian Navy’s Carabiniere and Carrier Strike Group Cavour in multi-navy trio operations and sailed with the Carabiniere and Andrea Doria through the Strait of Messina. The George HW Bush Hotel is moored in the Bay of Naples and will host a reception with local authorities to celebrate the cooperation between the United States and Italy. The ship’s crew will also enjoy a well-deserved vacation to visit Naples and Campania.

“I am delighted to be back in Italy and to be able to share the experience with the nearly 5,000 sailors on board, many of whom have never been here,” said Captain Dave Pollard, the ship’s commanding officer. . “Not only do we have an important ally in the Italian Navy, but we have always found an extraordinary partner and friend in the Italian people. I was here last as commanding officer of the USS Mount Whitney. I am confident that the crew will best represent their families, their cities, their states and their whole country with great professionalism And dignity.