Labor decree, salary increase from July

Labor decree, salary increase from July

The first consequences of work decree On the salary slip it will be possible to see it from July: the month in which, thanks to the reduction in the tax wedge, the arrival of the fourteenth salary, if stipulated in one’s contract, and the refunds from the Irpef, the compensation in some cases can literally double.


only by July In fact, the rules for calculating net salary from gross salary will be reformulated: for employees whose gross monthly salary is less than 2,692 euros, it is envisaged to reduce the contribution share by 4%.

In view of what is determined by Article 34 of the Labor Decree,“For payment periods from July 1, 2023 to November 30, 2023, with no further effects on the 13th month installment, the exemption amount specified in the first period by two percentage points.” It is raised to seven percentage points for income up to €25,000 gross per year and six percentage points for those over that limit but within €35,000 gross per year. From July 2023, due to this additional reduction in the contribution rate, the reduction will therefore arrive 7% For gross monthly salaries in the range of 1,923 euros and 6% For a fee of 2692 euros.

the influence

This metric will result in increases in Salary For the various ranges included in the scope specified in the Labor Decree. For example, for those who earn 1,000 euros per month, there will be a savings of 70 euros. Those who collect €1,500 per month will have access to €105, while for workers who earn €2,000, the savings will rise to a total of €120. Employees who receive a salary of €2,500 will benefit from a reduction of €150 per month.

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This saving will not result in a total saving in the net amount: the reduction in contributions is, in fact, a consequence of the increase in tax base On the basis of which the Irpef is calculated, therefore the income tax to be paid will also increase.


Where the contract provides for it, the fourteenth item is another that would make July’s paycheck even more important: this measure, in fact, provides for the payment of monthly Equivalent to the final salary provided that the worker has worked for 12 months in the last year. If this condition is not met, then the calculation is made instead taking into account only the months that have already worked.

Refunds from Irpef

Some workers in July will also get a personal income tax refund, if applicable. It will be received by employees who have submitted their tax return by the May 31, 2023 deadline. employer.

Some will be able to collect up to an additional €1,200 if they do not use the €100 complementary treatment in 2022, although they have the right to do so.

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