The Russian-Ukrainian War, Today’s News May 23 | fighting in Belgorod

The Russian-Ukrainian War, Today’s News May 23 |  fighting in Belgorod

The news on Tuesday 23 May live.

06:51 am – anti-Putin militia attacks in the Belgorod region

Fighting broke out along Russia’s border with Ukraine after alleged Russian partisan forces said they overran a border village inside Russia for the first time during the war. The Russian Freedom Corps, which describes itself as an anti-Kremlin militia trying to rid Russia of Vladimir Putin, said it had crossed the border and overrun the settlement of Kozynka, while sending units to the town of Grayvoron in Russia’s Belgorod region. The RIA Novosti news agency quoted Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov as saying that President Vladimir Putin had been briefed and work was underway to expel the saboteurs. A statement posted by the Russian Freedom Corps on social media read: We are Russians like you. We are distinguished only by the fact that we no longer wish to justify the actions of the criminals in power and have taken up arms to defend our freedom and yours. But now is the time for everyone to take responsibility for their own future. It’s time to end the Kremlin dictatorship.

04:14 a.m. – NATO changes strategy and concentration of forces in Estonia

American forces organize a air assault. The British Marines executed one nightfall on the beach. French paratroopers, yes They throw from the sky After flying across Europe. In Estonia, on the eastern border of NATO, Allied exercises Under Russia’s war against Ukraine. The obvious message. He says that on short notice we can deploy very quickly, explains Lieutenant-Colonel Edouard Bruce, commander of the French forces in Estonia participating in the exercise. Spring storm. Fifteen months after the start of the Russian war against Ukraine and one month after the summit of NATO leaders in Vilnius, The alliance is getting stronger its eastern defences. Now that Moscow has turned back the clock to the Cold War, NATO is conducting its biggest realignment defences And planning it for a generation now.

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This change will take us from an alliance optimized for Emergency operations outside the area To an alliance fit to conduct large-scale operations to defend every inch of the alliance’s territory, US General Christopher Cavoli, NATO’s supreme commander in Europe, said this month. This is necessary because of the new realities we have to face. At the Madrid Summit last year, motivated by Devastation After a provocation by Russian forces in Ukraine, NATO returned to deterrence with denial, as it did during the confrontation with the Soviet Union in the Cold War. This means stopping No Moscow attack to the frontier, rather than being prepared to cede front-line areas such as the Baltic states, which would then have to be reconquered. Since Moscow began its invasion of Ukraine in February 2022, the alliance has added thousands of troops to his country. eastern border. Four other multinational battle groups have deployed to Slovakia, Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria, in addition to those established on Russia’s borders in Poland and the Baltic states after Moscow took control of Crimea in 2014. NATO members are now planning Increase publication In the Baltics and Poland to brigade size, which meant adding thousands more troops where and when needed.

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