In bookstores: “Aesthetics” by Eric Geiger

In bookstores: “Aesthetics” by Eric Geiger

Geiger also explores the deep motivations that drive patients to want to change their bodies and the psychological aspects that contribute to this before and after

A plastic surgeon is a special doctor who does not treat diseases in the most common sense of the term, but intervenes when people feel uncomfortable, trying to give them a new psychosomatic health. Therefore, its function is as complex as it is delicate.

In a world where appearance has become more important than substance, and role models are increasingly out of reach, cosmetic treatments and surgical interventions are constantly increasing, especially among young people. However, misinformation and myths often lead patients to serious risks.

To overcome this problem, Eric Geiger, based on his twenty years of experience, explains the science behind each type of intervention, explaining in detail Major surgeries and aesthetic medicine treatments. An analysis accompanied by tips and curiosities about the procedures and materials, which delves into not only the steps necessary before the operation, but also the possible complications and precautions that must be taken into account afterward.

But science is not everything. For this reason, Geiger also explores the deeper motivations that drive patients to want to change their bodies and the psychological aspects that occur before and after an image change.

The truth is that humans have always yearned for beauty. Never has it seemed so accessible, never been so full of shadows and contradictions. Far from being the product of a series of interventions, beauty, true beauty, is something that “comes from within and flows outward.” Magic “arises from the complete and generous acceptance of ourselves, which is able to make us shine even in the eyes of others.”

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Therefore, the goal of those who turn to a plastic surgeon should be “enhancement without distortion.” Only this way will he be able to feel good about himself again and find a friend in the mirror.

Eric Geiger He is a doctor specializing in reconstructive and cosmetic plastic surgery. He is among the most visible surgeons on television, appearing as an expert on many radio and television programs.

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