“We’re angry, we missed it.”

“We’re angry, we missed it.”

11.51 pm

Garcia: “We missed her, we’re angry…”

Garcia reiterated: “We needed more aggression, and there was a lack of determination and determination. I’m not worried. The future will give us answers. It was not right to lose on Tuesday. The fans are booing? They have the right not to do that.” “Be happy to lose an important game at home. We’re all upset. We expected to do better and we didn’t. In hindsight, we could have made all the winning changes in the game. It wasn’t our best evening.”

11.49 pm

Garcia in the press conference: I did not expect a defeatist position

“The team is having difficulty in the build-up phase and we lacked clarity in trying to find Victor in one-on-one situations. Bad evening for us, lack of attacking play and fluidity. We should have been more aggressive, I did.” “I do not expect such a defeatist attitude. The first goal we conceded should have been avoided because it condemned us. Before the break we got back into the game, a good start in the second half and then after Viola’s second goal everything came to a head. When I was not there the level of determination was wasted.” “It has all the energy you spend on scoring a goal.”

11.48 pm

Di Lorenzo: “There’s a lot going on”

Giovanni Di Lorenzo told Sky: “There’s a lot going on, we’ll talk about it. A tense atmosphere in the team? No. It’s a sensitive moment because we’re not performing very well and we’re below our level.” “We have to stay united and get out of this situation. We don’t like the standings, but the tournament is long. We have to do more.”

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11.40 pm

Politano on social media: “An evening to forget”

Meanwhile, Matteo Politano wrote on Instagram: “An evening that will not soon be forgotten, for the return to Napoli that we all want.” Politano left the field angry at the time of the substitution, and here are the details

11.36 pm

Di Lorenzo: “I don’t like when people talk about hunger”

“I don’t like it when we lose we talk about lack of hunger. We found a good team, we suffered a lot, in the return we will analyze everything with the coach after the national team. We cannot play these matches at home in front of our fans.”

11.34 pm

After Garcia there is Di Lorenzo: “We have to do better and more”

“We want to fight with others for the championship until the end. Bad match and bad defeat, Fiorentina played better. We have to put in more effort and work.”

11.32 pm

Garcia: “The responsibility falls on me, but I did not expect this defeat.”

“I shouldn’t be too harsh at this moment, the responsibility falls on me. I did not expect this defeat, we missed a great opportunity. From Verona we want to win again, we have to win at least three in the match.” One row. “What we are doing is not enough.”

11.30 pm

“Three shots on target and three goals, that’s a problem.”

“We are usually more technically precise, we made many mistakes, with a less fluid build-up. Fiorentina has quality, if you defend without being aggressive you will suffer. We conceded three shots on target and three goals and that is a problem.”

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11.28 pm

“We were not aggressive, we have to be smarter.”

Garcia repeats: “We were not aggressive. We tried, but we were not effective. It is not a tactical issue, but a mental issue. We must be more capable of stopping the opponent’s attacks and we must work on that.”

11.36 pm

“We have to work, it’s not our night.”

Garcia talks about the playing system: “They gave us difficulty with high pressing. Half the field was open but we were not clear. We were not able to exploit the depth. After Anguissa’s injury we changed the system, but we were not able to exploit the depth.” “We have to improve the help of the midfielders with the wings. It wasn’t our day, it was a bad evening. “I didn’t put Cholito and Ossie together because we would have lost the midfield.”

11.34 pm

Garcia: “We feel sad and frustrated.”

“We made mistakes defensively and in advance. We should not have conceded the first goal and the goal before the end of the first half gave us an extra boost. We are sad and frustrated with this defeat. It is not good that we are not very aggressive.” “In the defensive phase, it’s all of us. When you lose at home and only make four mistakes, it’s not normal.”

11.14 pm

Garcia remains silent and speaks in Italian

Rudi Garcia remains silent, and Vincenzo Italiano spoke first to DAZN: “We analyzed their match against Real Madrid, they deserved more. We prepared in a training session and a half and knew what to do. We needed a little bit of good luck and also a bit of precision.” . “But we had character.”

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10.55 pm

Napoli is 7 points away from the leaders, their fans are angry

Meanwhile, with Napoli 7 points away from the top, fans are furious. After Maradona’s whistles, the Napolians also spread the news on social media, with the coach above all.

10.45 pm

Garcia will be at the conference soon

after a while Rudy Garcia In the press conference and on television from Maradona Stadium: It will not be an easy evening for him after the 3-1 defeat at home to Fiorentina and after Matteo Politano’s angry reaction at the moment of the substitution.

Diego Armando Maradona Stadium, Naples

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